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Bill Boyarsky

Persian-Jewish women keep tradition alive on canvas

In reporting on the Jewish community, I’ve learned about politics, schools, aging, race relations, religion and other matters. Few of these topics combine the complexity, creativity and history of a fascinating subset of Los Angeles Jewry, the Persian-Jewish women who paint.

LAUSD Mandarin immersion program expansion sparks backlash

\”It’s really been an L.A. story,” said Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) board member Steve Zimmer, who is in the middle of a classic Los Angeles conflict that reflects the city’s many cultures and tensions.

Another Successful Chapter in Book Festival Legacy

We Jews like to be called “People of the Book.” Although I didn’t take a census or a poll, I imagine there were many of us in the big crowds on the USC campus for the 20th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books last weekend.

Why not support President Obama?

Why should I, a liberal in the bluest of cities in California, the bluest of states — where President Barack Obama now has a 57 percent approval rating — be subject to the whims of the pro-Republican prime minister of Israel?

Congressional candidate Ted Lieu on fight against ISIS

When I sat down with Democratic Congressional candidate Ted Lieu to talk about Iraq, the situation hadn’t improved since I discussed it a month before with Lieu’s opponent, Republican Elan Carr. The militant terrorist group known as ISIS continues to advance, while the Iraqi army remains impotent.


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