Bagel Factory Wages

These days, the CEOs of Noah’s New York Bagels andWestern Bagels may be getting less sleep at night, thanks to theBagel Factory.

The kosher-certified chain, billing itself as”Simply The Best,” threw down the gauntlet in the battle for bagelshop supremacy last month, opening it’s newest outlet on the busycorner of Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. The high noon grandopening unfolded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony inaugurated by theHollywood Chamber of Commerce and much musical fanfare, courtesy ofthe Hollywood High School Sheiks Marching Band.

“I just had the greatest peanut butter bagel I’veever had,” decreed honorary Hollywood mayor Johnny Grant as hesnipped the official ribbon.

Owners Mark Powers and Sonny Brody had their handsfull, serving pizza bagels and gladhanding guests. But they foundtime to present charity contributions benefitting Hollywood HighSchool and L.A. Bridges Theatre Company of the Deaf. Crowed a proudBrody, “This is the home of the original bagel recipe, brought overto this country and never changed.”

Also on hand for the ceremony was Rabbi Dr.Yehudah Bukspan, who provided the kosher supervision. Fans of”mini-mallism” should stop by the strip-mall shop for some of theirfine culinary arts (which include cocoa rolls, lentil soup and omeletsandwiches), or drop by other Bagel Factory locations in West LosAngeles, Torrance and Manhattan Beach. — Michael Aushenker, CommunityEditor

Like Magic

Up Front has seen the future of Jewish unity, andeaten it. Last Thursday night at the Magic Carpet restaurant, as UpFront was discussing right-wing Orthodox rabbis, one of those verysame rabbis walked in and ordered dinner. No sooner had ourconversation shifted to left-wing Orthodoxy than one of Israel’sleading Orthodox peaceniks walked in with his guests and took anothertable. We think they both ordered the tumeric-laced Yeminite chickensoup, or maybe it was the grilled homemade lamb and beef sausage orthe ethereal humous with fava beans. Whatever, the coincidencesparked an idea: All these commissions and committees and conferencesseeking to forge Jewish unity should meet at places like the MagicCarpet, where at the very least the opponents could agree on thefood, then move on to less important matters. (The Magic Carpet, 8566W. Pico Blvd. 310-652-8507)– RobEshman, ManagingEditor