Attorney GerrySchubert may be a relatively familiar face in Orange County; alongtime resident of Yorba Linda and a member at Mission Viejo’sCongregation Eilat, Schubert is actively involved in JewishFederation projects. But, soon, he may become better known for therelease of his second musical CD, “Life in the Moment” (GalleryRecords).

An accomplished pianist, Schubert financed theproduction of an earlier CD recording with profits from his legalpractice. Now, with the commercial release of his second, he’s hopingto make a gradual crossover from full-time attorney to full-timemusician, a lifelong dream he had put aside during law school.

On the new recording, his piano compositions areaccompanied by full orchestrations for what loosely could be calledNew Age music: melodic, lushly arranged compositions with a romantic,almost sentimental sensibility. The regional music chain TowerRecords has given Schubert’s “Life” CD a coveted place at itscustomer listening stations at more than 70 locations.

For now, Schubert earns his daily bread byrepresenting employers in workmen’s compensation-related cases. Buthis creative ambitions have always been bound up with music.

“I studied classical music from about 9 years oldto 17,” he said, “and jazz and theory when I got older…. I wasalways composing little melodies in my head.”

As a teen-ager and a young man, Schubert did themusical circuit in his native Maryland, playing with his band at barmitzvahs and weddings, and even scoring a local one-time gig with TheDrifters.

“It was a real thrill,” he said. “During my senioryear in high school, I was in this band called The Atlantics. TheDrifters came to perform in Maryland and needed a rhythm section. Ourmanager got us three dates with them.”

After college, Schubert played on the road, thenworked as a pianist at a Hyatt Regency Hotel, where his musicalaspirations stalled. “I felt I wasn’t going to have the career Iwanted,” he said. “I didn’t want to play hotels or parties the restof my life, so I decided to go to law school. So now I have apractice, and I am satisfied when I get a good result, but I don’tlike being adversarial all the time…. With the music, it’s sosatisfying. To begin with a little melody and then later to hear afull orchestral arrangement play your song, it’s like giving birth toa child, an indescribable feeling.”

Schubert said that his exploration of his ownheritage has enhanced his musical career. “My involvement withJudaism has helped to center me spiritually and helped me with mymusic composition. I look forward to people listening to it. I hopethey find comfort and joy in it.”

“Life in the Moment” is available at area TowerRecords stores.