U.S. proposes weapons sale to U.A.E

The Obama Administration is reportedly planning to sell thousands of advanced munitions to the United Arab Emirates.

The proposed sale would include 4,900 joint direct attack munitions—including so-called “bunker-buster” bombs—and is expected to be presented to Congress within the week, the Wall Street Journal reported. The sale is said to be part of an American effort to strengthen a regional coalition to counter Iran.

The munitions would expand the capabilities of the U.A.E. air force to target fixed structures, including bunkers and tunnels, of the type in which Iran is believed to be developing nuclear weapons. The proposal comes on the heels of a U.N. report which found credible evidence that Iran’s nuclear program has a military dimension.

The U.A.E has had strong trade relations with Iran, but the ruling al Nahyan family is considered hawkish towards Iran and has expressed fear of the country going nuclear.