How Much Will a New Boiler Cost You?

Buying a new boiler is a fairly big step for any family. One the positive side, it is a great move towards having a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly home. 

However, maybe you will worry that the cost of doing this outweighs the benefits. It is certainly an investment that needs to be calculated and thought about. In order to do this, it makes sense to check out a boiler installation cost calculator online. 

This is a lot easier to do than you think and after answering a few simple questions you will have a much clearer idea of how much you can expect to pay our for an efficient new boiler. The following are some of the most important parts of this calculation you are probably going to have to provide answers to. 

The Type of System You Own and the Type You Want   

When you decide to find out about fitting a new boiler it is an ideal moment to think about whether or not to change the type of heating system you have. Combination boiler and conventional boiler are the two different options you are likely to be presented with. The size of the house and the amount of demand for hot water in it are among the key factors to take into account when deciding which type of boiler is best for you. You will find a lot of information about different types of boiler online and in particular in online forums, where householders often go to ask for details on new appliances. However, the very best approach of all is simply to ask an expert what kind of boiler would suit your needs. A qualified and experienced expert will be able to explain clearly what type of system is best for you and why. 

The Number of Bathrooms and Radiators to be Covered

A question you are likely to come across when you do some research on your new boiler is how many bathrooms you have and how many radiators need to be covered by the system as well. This is a vitally important point, as it determines what kind of performance you need from the system. In basic terms, the bigger the house and the bigger the output needed by the boiler then the more expensive it is going to be to install. Having said that, it isn’t a good idea to try and cut back at the start and say that there are less bathrooms and radiators than there really are. This might seem like a way of reducing the cost but it could turn out to be a false economy. If you are planning on getting the budget worked out for a new system then it makes sense to start off with the best one possible; one that meets all of your needs. It could work out to be well within your price range anyway. If this isn’t the case then you can go back to the boiler installation company and ask if there are any changes you can make in order to reduce the cost. With a bit of luck, though, you will find that the system you really need is within your reach.       

The Extras Needed

It can be a big help to add some nice extras to your system right at the start. For a start, a programmable thermostat will give you a huge amount of control over the temperature of the water. This means that you can use your boiler more efficiently, be extremely comfortable at home and probably save money on your heating as well. Adding on an extra like this shouldn’t increase the price too much and is well worth doing in order to get a system that will give you a great level of service for many years. Other extras to consider include the addition of some sort of filtration unit. This is a very good idea for making the system work better and with less need for maintenance in the future. Again, for not much extra cost you make sure that you get something which really helps you run a better and more efficient home. 


The best way to get the true cost of the boiler system you need is to ask for all of the things you really want to have. It is a quick process to get a quote on the best sites, so in a matter of seconds you will know whether your budget stretches to the system you have in mind. If it doesn’t then it is time to think about ways of bringing down the cost. When you think about the multiple benefits that a great boiler brings to a house, it is clear that it is worth the effort of finding out whether you can afford the best there is and make your home warm, energy efficient and a pleasure to spend time in.