Kim Kardashian’s favorite kibbutz

Reality star Kim Kardashian has done her part for a kibbutz in Israel. Take a deep breath–she has not actually performed any manual labor, or even visited the place (do they make high heel Naots?). Her contribution is of the wallet-opening kind.

Kardashian settled on Ceasarstone brand quartz countertops, made in Kibbutz Sdot Yam, for the renovation of her Beverly Hills mansion, Tablet reports. Trend-setter that she is, it wasn’t long before her neighbors were using it too. Not exactly a bad thing for an already growing company.  Ceasarstone Sdot Yam Ltd. is now worth a billion dollars.

The booming business has just opened a New York factory, where they will produce inventory for another place Kanye West’s wife-to-be will probably never visit: IKEA.