James Deen, the lanky, Jewish porn star you’ve (maybe) never heard of

“Scroll through L.A.’s top porn agency sites and you’ll find hundreds of pouty women ready to drop to their knees, but just a few dozen men available to have sex with them,” GOOD Lifestyle Editor Amanda Hess writes in her flat-out amazing interview with James Deen, a 25-year-old Jewish porn star. “These guys all have a familiar look—neck chains, frosted tips, unreasonable biceps, tribal tattoos. Deen looks like he was plucked from a particularly intellectual frat house.”

Could she be talking about ZBT? In the world of pornography, Deen has distinguished himself by being very well endowed, sure, but also because he looks, in the words of a fan, “almost like a guy that you would just hang out with at Hebrew school.”

Yup, Deen is apparently Jewish, and not afraid to flaunt it in an interview.

“Here comes my skinny little Jewish ass,” Deen said, describing to Hess his debut in porn. “Everyone’s like, ‘Huh, he stands out.’”

The entire story is here, and is, if you’re at all curious about the weird world of porn, well worth a read.

(h/t Fishbowl LA)