Palestinian kids’ art exhibit cancelled

An exhibit of Palestinian children’s artwork illustrating the Gaza War, slated to be shown at a children’s museum in California, has been cancelled.

The exhibit scheduled to go on display at the Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland on Sept. 24 was cancelled due to pressure from the community, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The drawings in the exhibit, created by children ages 9 to 11, showed bombs falling, tanks firing and people getting hit, according to the newspaper.

The exhibit, which was to open with special poetry and art projects for children, was organized by the Middle East Children’s Alliance. The Alliance is currently searching for a new venue for the exhibit.

The museum cancelled the exhibit late last week, saying it did not want to be dragged into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, according to the Chronicle.

The complaints came from Jewish groups, as well as other groups in the community, the Chronicle reported.