October 24, 2018

The New Arab Settlement: Rawabi

The New York Times recently “>fancy website brag how the yuppy Palestinian endeavor is being received with such international admiration. The UN's Ban Ki-moon, John Kerry, and even American rabbis have paid a visit to its state-of-the-art visitors center. While Rawabi is supposed to be a point of Palestinian pride with Palestinian flags waving across the fresh stones, I'm not bothered, certainly not bothered the way Palestinians claim to be bothered when Israeli settlements go up.

I'm happy to see Palestinians focus on building life rather than devising the death of Israel. I am bothered by the fact that Rawabi is welcomed with international fanfare, while Jewish settlement in the West Bank, whether built or populated out of political, religious, security or economic considerations, is “>my website.)

Call me naive, but I await for the next great city to be built beyond the green line: a mixed city where Jews, Muslim reformers, Christians, atheists, Buddhists, whatever, can make a home, peacefully, because life and freedom are the foundations upon which it is built.