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Expanding Community Roles for Young Persian Jews

In November 2018, 250 mostly Iranian American Jews gathered at the  Iranian American Jewish Federation for a first-of-its-kind program: the Taboo Summit. Panels explored...

Webcast Interview with Israeli Consul Dr. Hillel Newman: Iran & Iranian American community

On September 15th I had the special opportunity to attend a Q&A event with Israel’s newly appointed Consul General to the southwest region, Dr....

There’s Something About Persian Women

Forty years ago, thousands of Jews fled Iran after the Islamic Revolution, settling primarily in Los Angeles. One of our first priorities as immigrants...

Delivering Kindness to Iranian Senior Center on Purim

Candice Hakimianpour is looking forward to spending this Purim in the company of an older man. For 29-year-old Hakimianpour, this Purim, she’ll forgo her usual...

Trick Or Treat. Or Sukkah.

In November 2014, I moderated a panel on the future of American Jewry at 30 Years After’s fourth biennial Civic Action conference at the...

American Jews should stand with Iran’s Protestors

Nearly two and half years ago a large segment of Ashkenazi Jewish leaders and activists in Los Angeles, New York and across the country...

Trump’s in the Torah

You learn a great deal at your average Shabbat dinner, not just about the family and the latest goings on in everyone’s lives, but...

Dual Tragedy of the Plasco Building Fire

For many Iranian-American Jews, the fire in and collapse of the historic Plasco Building in Tehran on Jan. 19 was a tragedy many times...

Young Iranian-Jews discuss taboo topics at UCLA

Nearly 300 young Iranian Jews packed UCLA’s Fowler Museum auditorium on March 7 for a discussion featuring five prominent young Iranian-Jewish professionals openly discussing topics considered to be taboo within their community. The gathering was historic not only because young Iranian-Jews do not typically discuss their problems regarding career choices and personal relationships in a public forum — but also because this event marked the first time an openly gay member of the community has discussed issues of homosexuality facing Iranian-Jews in Los Angeles.

Iranian Jews honor local Jewish nonprofits, HIAS

Nearly 500 local Iranian Jews packed two auditoriums at UCLA’s Fowler Museum on Jan. 28 for an event honoring three prominent Los Angeles-area Jewish nonprofits and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).

PBS’ Iranian-American Story

Following more than three decades of Iranians flourishing in the United States, a documentary titled “The Iranian Americans” offers a nostalgic look at how tens of thousands of immigrants resettled in America following the 1979 revolution in Iran. It will air Dec. 18 at 9:30 p.m. on PBS.

Author promotes moderate faith for Iranian Jews

After their immigration to Southern California more than 30 years ago, the majority of the area’s Iranian Jewish community poured their energies into re-establishing themselves financially. Following their success, some Iranian Jews have turned their attention to promoting philanthropy in the arts, education and Israel in recent years.

L.A.’s Iranian Americans keep tabs on new freedom protests in Iran

In the wake of the Feb. 14 Iranian protests for greater freedom, which took place throughout that country, Iranian Americans of various religious backgrounds in Southern California have been closely monitoring the developments and voicing support for those seeking democracy.

Persian Pursuasion

On any given weekday, Elat Market, the Pico-Robertson supermarket, is already a hub of hustle and bustle for the Persian community. So one can imagine the human traffic on the Friday morning before Yom Kippur - getting ready before Shabbat and yontiff. Standing outside the market on this busy morning, it becomes apparent that Elat is somewhat of a de facto community center, a nexus where friends - young and old - run into one another and splinter off into small congregations of conversation.

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