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The Struggle for a Jewish History of the Holocaust

They were most willing to confront the dark side of Jewish behavior. Dworzecki’s admonishment: “Remain Silent or tell the whole truth.”   

A Conversation With Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy

Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy, co-authors of “Never Alone,” spoke with Jewish Journal book editor Jonathan Kirsch via Zoom from Jerusalem.

New Memoir Reveals Natan Sharansky’s Life as a Jewish Activist

From Russia came the first pioneers of the Jewish state in modern Israel, including Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Golda Meir, all...

NYT Bestselling Author and Holocaust Survivor Edith Eger on Her Self-Help Book ‘The Gift’

A Holocaust survivor with an extraordinary story, her self-help book is titled “The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life.”

Online Journalist of the Year! We Said Go Travel Summer News August 2020

Summer News 2020 with We Said Go Travel: I am honored to be nominated for Online Journalist of...

Something for Everyone in ‘Night Archer’ Stories

We first came to know Michael Oren as a historian and the author of best-selling history books such as “Power, Faith, and Fantasy” and...

‘Judgment at Nuremberg’ Makes the Case for Soviet Influence in the Trials

Hirsch argues that the Soviet role has been neglected or even misstated in previous accounts, both in academic scholarship and popular culture.

Adam Eli Uses Jewish Roots, Ideology to Stand Up for Queer Community in Debut Book

In “The New Queer Conscience,” published in June, the 29-year-old shares that queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere.

Five time Finalist! YAY! We Said Go Travel Summer News July 2020

Summer News 2020 with We Said Go Travel: I am happy to report that I have GOOD NEWS!

Nazis Have Upper Hand in Page-Turning ‘What-If’ WWII Novel ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’

“Rocket’s Red Glare: A WWII Era Alternative History Novel” is a deeply informed and wildly inventive re-imagining of America during the Second World War.

25 Inspiring Books Worth Adding to Your COVID-19 Summer Reading List

Few hobbies are more pandemic-proof or recession-proof than reading.

‘New Jewish Canon’ Provides Much Food for Thought

Some of the very best Jewish learning does not happen in seminar rooms, synagogues or online, but at home, on the couch.

One Israeli Soldier’s Psyche Comes to Light in ‘The Drive’

A principled critic of the IDF comes in the form of one its soldiers in a new book.

‘Women of Valor’ Reminds Us Orthodox Women Are More Than Caged Birds Media Depicts

“Women of Valor: Orthodox Jewish Troll Fighters, Crime Writers, and Rock Stars in Contemporary Literature and Culture,” unpacks the portrayals of Orthodox women.

We Said Go Travel Summer News DC (During #COVID19) June 2020

June News 2020 with We Said Go Travel: Welcome to Summer COVID-19. I have been in Los Angeles since...

Chasidism Taught Through a Modern Lens in Two-Volumes

Judaism will be much enhanced by such adaption as has been this reader.

Recommended Children’s Books About Little-Known Jewish Heroes

From a Jewish women's rights activist in Japan to a Greecian princess who saved her family from the Nazis, these heroes are worth reading about.

Author Says Hitler Is Not the Only One to Blame for Atrocities

Historian Robert Gellately asks, how did ordinary people become Nazis?

10 Books Worth Adding to Your COVID-19 Reading List

Few hobbies are more weather-proof or recession-proof than reading. Whether you prefer hardcovers or e-books, you can read just about anywhere. Many of us...

Unearthing Buried Memories in ‘I Want You to Know We’re Still Here’

Among Esther Safran Foer’s distinctions is that she is the matriarch of America’s first family of Jewish-American letters. Her three sons are Jonathan, Franklin...

Evonne Marzouk’s Novel Asks ‘Does God Still Talk to People?’

The Talmud states “the spirit of prophecy departed” when the prophets Zechariah, Malachi and Chagai passed away. A novel by Evonne Marzouk raises the...

‘The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women’

Like many type A’s forced into the slow lane by the coronavirus, I’ve continued to find ways to cram my days with online and...

An Inside Look At Growing Up On A Kibbutz In Israel’s Early Days

Imagine a little girl who has just finished third grade, “barely over four feet high and sixty pounds,” charged with the job of tending...

UK Jewish Newspapers Fold in Harsh Economic Climate

The Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News in the United Kingdom announced on Wednesday that they will fold.

Rabbi Donin’s Trilogy Speaks Volumes About Jewish Life

Donin himself conceived of his work as “a practical handbook on how to live a Jewish life,” but he also acknowledges that the overarching goal of the three books in the series is “to answer the constant query, ‘Why?’

Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust and the Writers Who Revealed It

“Our People: Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust” is a powerful, poignant and painful exploration of the murder by bullets of Lithuanian Jews by Lithuanian nationalists...

Five New Passover Picture Books for 2020

This year’s roundup of the latest Passover picture books includes a number of different takes on the holiday. They all emphasize the joyful spirit...

‘When They Come for Us, We’ll Be Gone’— 10 Years Later

In this Passover season, we are reminded of the more recent “Let My People Go” in Jewish history — that of the rallying cry...

New Book Remixes Judaism for Secular Jews

The challenge that Roberta Rosenthal Kwall confronts in “Remix Judaism: Preserving Tradition in a Diverse World” is summed up at the outset of her...

Author Lifts the Veil on Her Family in ‘Concealed’

Although we are cautioned not to judge a book by its cover, more than one reader of Esther Amini’s memoir will fall in love,...

Latest news

Remembering the Life and Work of the Woman who Championed Women’s Rights: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"Our Nation has lost a jurist of historic stature. We at the Supreme Court have lost a cherished colleague.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies At 87

She died from complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer.

3 Holocaust Monuments Vandalized With Swastikas in Ukraine and Russia

Police are investigating the instances of vandalism.

Kosovo to Adopt IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism

“As a victim of genocidal actions & ethnic cleansing, [Kosovo] understands too well the weight of discrimination & hate.”

86 Jewish Groups Contest Leila Khaled’s SFSU Speaking Event

The groups sent a letter to the SFSU president asking if Khaled is legitimately protected under academic freedom.