December 7, 2019

The Problem with Obama's Vision

“Former President Barack Obama recently made comments that have been interpreted as a warning that Democrats must not veer too far to the left — for instance, by supporting presidential candidates like Senators Bernie Sander or Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

Specifically, Obama said that his party must recognize that “the average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

Considering that he headlined a recent Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser on Nov. 21 in Silicon Valley, where ticket prices ranged from $10,000 to $355,000, one has to wonder just how many “average Americans” the former President crosses paths with.

In trying to tip the party towards moderation, Obama said Democrats’ “ultimate goal is to defeat a president and a party that has…taken a sharp turn away from a lot of the core traditions and values and institutional commitments that built this country.”

The problem with that analysis is that it fails to appreciate how that established order — the one that former President Obama is so nostalgic for — made Donald Trump possible. Under Obama’s leadership — and both Bushes’, and Clinton’s, and Reagan’s — the elites became disconnected from the circumstances of the vast majority of a country that was, and still is, in decline.

Obama also fails to account for the convergence of several troubling socio-economic and ecological trend lines that have grown even more problematic since he left the White House.”

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