May 23, 2019

Mar-a-Lago Is a Spy’s Dream Come True

“The real question about the 32-year-old Chinese woman who was caught trying to enter Mar-a-Lago with four cellphones and a malware-loaded thumb drive isn’t how she almost succeeded. Rather, it’s how many others like her have made it through.

It is a fair bet that undercover foreign spies have long been making it their business to secure a membership at President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, resort. Though the $200,000 fee is steep, intelligence agencies might consider it a bargain. Where else could their spies mingle with the American president and his family, overhear his conversations, maybe strike up chats with his associates—or at least boast to their superiors back home that they’ve been doing so? On the night of April 6, 2017, when Trump dined there with Chinese President Xi Jinping and, at one point, ordered a cruise missile strike on Syria, the entire spectacle unspooled within sight and earshot of club members and guests at nearby tables.

As of midafternoon Wednesday, we still don’t know what the intruder, Yujing Zhang, was up to when she showed up at the resort on Saturday, telling Secret Service agents that she was there to attend an event sponsored by the United Nations Chinese-American Association later that evening.”

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