December 10, 2019

Enough with the Trump Jokes

“In his new Netflix comedy special “Lobby Baby,” Seth Meyers allows viewers to avoid his political jokes: Those who tune in to the special have the choice, about 40 minutes in, of hitting the “skip politics” button (not unlike the “skip intro” button the streaming platform offers) and jumping ahead to apolitical commentary. The decision, he told CNN, came out of his concern that some of his audience might be tired of hearing jokes about President Trump and the federal government.

The button is actually part of a setup for a joke meant to entice viewers who choose to skip the political section to go back anyway and catch what they missed, but Mr. Meyers is on to something. As a comedy writer, I’m absolutely exhausted by humor about President Trump and the upcoming election. I’m surrounded by comedians who are relentless in their pursuit of political humor, regardless of how redundant or mean the jokes are. I find myself having fierce debates about political issues with people with whom I’ve never disagreed before. Talk of impeachment has only made things worse.

I recently began going to fewer comedy shows to avoid further political burnout — I was looking for an escape from the real world to no avail.

The political climate is wearing down many other Americans. In a report released in September by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, close to 40 percent of the people polled said they were stressed out by politics, and one in five said they have been losing sleep.”

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