September 19, 2019

Anything You Tweet Can Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

“Social media platforms are the equivalent of the public square of yore.

Politicians on Twitter can talk to the people directly and they can reply, issue statements, and take jabs at each other. However, these words that win politicians their support can and will also be used against them in court. No one knows this better than US president Donald Trump.

Trump’s tweets have won him lots of followers, but they’ve also been used against him in lawsuits to show the discriminatory intent behind ostensibly neutral policies, like his executive orders banning people from Muslim-majority countries, which were outwardly premised on national security concerns. Now the president is taking what he’s learned on the legal defense and applying it to his offense.

The president filed a lawsuit on Aug. 6 challenging new legislation passed by California Democrats that would require all presidential candidates to disclose their previous five years of tax returns to appear on the state’s presidential ballot. Trump says the new law is targeting him personally and in the 15-page complaint, his lawyers argue that the US Constitution provides the exclusive requirements for presidential candidacy—natural born citizenship, a minimum of 35 years of age, and 14 years of residency in the US—and that states can’t “supplement” these.”

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