September 16, 2019

America's Religion of Money

“At the time of his arrest, Jeffrey Epstein was said to have been worth nearly $2 billion. Epstein, a convicted paedophile who for years was known in elite circles as a funder and philanthropic figure, had ties to many other wealthy white men including former president Clinton, and current president Donald Trump — two men who have been accused of sexual predatory behavior themselves.

Interestingly enough, the source of Epstein’s incredible wealth is a mystery. No one knows exactly where or how he became so rich, and anyone old enough to remember the Bernie Madoff scheme should realize that that’s a problem. Regardless of whether Epstein procured his money through nefarious means or not, what is true is that in America, that’s always fine until you’re caught.

America is built on the illusion of wealth. It’s a credit-heavy system where certain people – especially white men – can get extremely far by bluffing (besides the bankers and the bullshitters, take a look at Silicon Valley for proof of that). This is a country where you can identify as a self-made billionaire, as in the case of Donald Trump, while also filing six bankruptcies in your lifetime and inheriting almost all of your wealth — that, for many, remains the pillar of financial success in America. The ends don’t just justify the means; they obliterate whether anybody cares about them.

Our country is a country with a national debt growing by the trillions, a falling stock market, and a crippling student loan debt crisis; simultaneously, it is home to some of the wealthiest companies on the globe. And wealth is frequently used by powerful white men to abuse and oppress people from marginalized communities.”

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