May 23, 2019

Let the Palestinian Authority Collapse

“As readers might recall, Segev was elected to the Knesset on a hardline hawkish platform that opposed the very far-reaching concessions that the Oslo Accords entailed. However, he was coaxed (read “bribed”) by former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with the lure of a ministerial portfolio, to betray his voters and cross the political lines to endorse the Oslo initiative, contradicting the core values of the platform on which he was elected.

As a product of both political betrayal and bribery, Oslo soon began to deliver its heinous results. Thousands of Israelis paid with their lives and limbs for the ill-considered initiative. What was grotesquely dubbed “the peace process” left cafes, buses and sidewalks strewn with body parts and gore, while the Oslo advocates doggedly refused to admit error, callously dismissing the dead and injured as “victims of peace.”

Sadly, but not unforeseeably, Oslo has brought nothing positive to Israel or to Israelis. None of the promises of sweeping benefits by its proponents have been fulfilled, while virtually all the dangers, of which its opponents warned, did materialize.”

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