December 10, 2019

Inspiring Love of Israel

“While on a speaking tour abroad, a Holocaust survivor told me his heartbreaking story and explained with tears of joy why Israel is a living miracle. The tears turned into ones of sadness when he shared that his only son, born when he was 50 years old, is a prominent anti-Israel activist on campus supporting the delegitimization of Israel’s right to exist. The sad reality where these two stories can follow each other speaks volumes on how values have changed between generations.

It is a sad but natural fact that the further away a point of time in history is, the further it is from hearts and minds. As the last survivors die, with no living testimony, the memory of the Holocaust and lessons learned will join the pool of age-old horrific times, remembered more out of respect than pertinency. When was the last time you felt deeply connected remembering the Jewish ghettos imposed by Rome in the 16th century? We must wake up to the fact that history has an expiration date when it comes to resonating with the younger generation.

It’s true that to us children and grandchildren of those who survived persecution, Zionism as a national movement for Jewish self-determination is still a necessity with which we identify. After all, it was not long ago that our grandparents were murdered for their Judaism. But can the same be said of those who were born into a reality where a Jewish state already exists? How does Zionism continue to be a relevant ideal when its main goal has already been fulfilled? What is left for the following generations to aspire to?”

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