August 22, 2019

Has Israel Lurched to the Right?

“The political polls conducted ahead of the April 9, while not predicting who will win and who will lose, do point to a clear and significant trend in Israeli society, which somehow has escaped the notice of many – a rightwards shift by the Israeli middle class.

The middle class has been the greatest beneficiary of the economic boom of the past decade, and is the backbone of the right-wing – both moderate and not so moderate.

In contrast to Western countries, where the middle class has been eroded and weakened, in Israel it strengthened and stabilized. Its members are interested in the continuation of existing policy in areas related to their personal lives as well as to security and political stability. To them, Netanyahu is the best candidate to meet their needs.

The Likud alliance was perceived in its early years as “an alliance of the underprivileged.” In recent years, however, it has become an alliance of the establishment.

They do feel unease about the indictments against Netanyahu and the frequent revelations of corruption, but when they get to the ballot box, they hold their noses and vote against change. The urge to keep things exactly as they are is too strong.”

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