March 26, 2019

A Gust of Antisemitism from Iceland

“A few weeks ago, the Icelandic music would was rocked by scandal as Pall Oskar ranted and raved against Israel. While it is quite common for Europeans to spend their time attacking and judging Israel, Oskar shocked many when he quickly veered away from criticism of Israel and dived headlong into anti-Semitism. Many people, including many Icelanders, were shocked and appalled by this. After this incident, I had assumed that Iceland would shy away from indulging in further anti-Israel antics.

But I was wrong, apparently. Iceland has selected the BDSM band Hatari to represent their country at the Eurovision this year. The band is quite flamboyant in dress and very extreme in their political stance, with members harshly criticizing Israel and even going as far to challenge Prime Minister Netanyahu to a wrestling match. Surely the people of Iceland knew who they were voting for, and the selection of this bombastic group sends a very hostile message to Israel. While criticizing Israeli policy is welcomed, this group seems vehement in its hatred and is blinded by its own bile. Having glanced at a few of their comments, they clearly have no intention to promote peace, dialogue or mutual respect. They only lambast Israel, and seem to enjoy being openly hostile towards the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Hatari take umbrage at the fact that while people will be enjoying themselves during the contest, the Palestinians will be suffering under the occupation. I would implore these musicians to pick up a few history books before picking up the endlessly used slogans of Palestinian apologists. Yes, Israel is currently in control of the West Bank. Yes, the Palestinians do not have a state. Yes, the occupation is far from a pleasant experience. However, history and context matter. Why is Israel in charge of the West Bank? Because the Arab world tried to destroy Israel and Israel not only survived but won the wars, thus gaining territory via defensive action. Why do the Palestinians lack a state? Because the leadership of the Palestinians, both Fatah and Hamas, have rejected at least 5 peace proposals and continuously refuse to come to the negotiation table. And what about checkpoints, roadblocks and curfews? Perhaps the members of Hatari should read up on history of Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians and learn why such defensive measure are required to prevent extremist attacks. It is endlessly maddening to hear Europeans, far removed from this conflict, preach and condemn Israel without ever taking the wider context into consideration.”

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