June 17, 2019


"More than a dozen kosher eateries — selling pizza, bagels, falafel and schnitzel — dot Main Street in the Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood of Queens. But a newcomer on the block is sure to turn some heads, and maybe stomachs, too..."

"IN 1870, advertisements for beef extract began to appear in magazines of the day. Made by Armour & Company, a leading Chicago meatpacking firm, the extract was touted as a “remedy for disease and exhaustion.” In reality a byproduct of canned beef.."

"A sour, unfamiliar, and not particularly pleasant smell began to waft through the house, not what you would expect from bread that was fresh out of the oven. But this wasn’t ordinary bread, it had risen thanks to some exceptional yeast that had..."

"Consider the milkshake. It seems almost quaint now to recall a time when, not too long ago, the humble dairy beverage was most commonly associated with a certain duck and one of the catchiest songs to rule the airwaves in the early aughts..."

"Last January, during a meet-and-greet of American food professionals and Israeli tech entrepreneurs at the headquarters of Start-Up Nation Central in Tel Aviv, I met Didier Toubia, co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms. Toubia, a bespectacled fellow..."

"A few months ago, I had lunch with the writer behind one of my favorite movies of the year, the agent who made the deal and the producer who packaged the project. I wanted to hear all about the process & perhaps find an opportunity to collaborate."

"I have a serious weak spot for rice pudding. Growing up in Chicago, where Greek diners are as ubiquitous as their menus are long, I often indulged in the dairy-filled confection. (To be honest, whenever life finds me at a diner, I still do.)..."

"People listen to their bodies. Despite vigorous efforts by government and advocacy groups, average U.S. sodium intake has remained constant at 3,600 to 3,700 milligrams a day."

"Every year, I wait patiently for the mason jar trend to fizzle out. It never does. Its conquest of home décor has been steady rather than dramatic — you don’t see mason jars everywhere, but you are guaranteed to regularly see them somewhere."

"In recent years, a growing number of Asian American and Pacific Islander chefs are working against anti-Spam stigma to bring the meat to the American fine-dining scene."

"When I moved to the United States from Thailand, one of the first questions people always asked me was: “What’s the most authentic Thai restaurant you’ve found here?”"

"In “The Truffle Underground,” author Ryan Jacobs investigates how fake truffles have flooded the Italian food scene..."

"This dessert, seemingly so serious and minimal, is actually super fun, a hidden present of rich cream cheese, tart guava, and broken white chocolate. For something so small, it evokes so many kinds of pleasure..."

"Many of us believe that a food craving is our body’s way of signalling that it needs a certain nutrient. But research shows that’s unlikely to be true – with one possible exception."

"As with many modern so-called conveniences, the way a milkman treated glass bottles is objectively far superior to how they are treated today..."

"“Lox” derives from the Germanic word for salmon: Yiddish (laks), German (Lachs), Swedish (lax). True lox is cured salmon belly and is not smoked, though categories have blurred over the years..."

"Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said they grew up typically eating dinner at a kitchen table, but a little less than half said they do so now when eating at home."

"Business Booms for Sephardic Food: Women are leading the way as small businesses bring traditional recipes to the commercial marketplace..."

"...doctors are starting to think more about specific nutrients that feed tumor cells. That is, how what we eat affects how cancers grow..."

"We live in an age of radical diets: Paleo, vegan, low-glycemic, low-carb, low-fat, high fat (keto). Which one’s best for maintaining a healthy weight?"

"In 1983, the Italian-Israeli professor Sandra Debenedetti Stow stunned the scholarly world with an explosive article that proposed that Jews introduced pizza to the European diet."

"The food scene has always been a part of Tel Aviv's appeal—particularly its non-kosher food scene; from the bacon-selling supermarket chain Tiv Taam, to myriad seafood and sushi restaurants..."

"...eating healthy is way too difficult and requires balancing too many disparate forces — what I have on hand, what I can buy, what I feel like, how much time it takes..."

"Making Perfect Pickles: How my grandfather’s recipe, with a few tweaks, helped me keep a family tradition alive..."

"Eat Food. All the Time. Mostly Junk: How the “food revolution” turned us into snackers, guaranteeing the demise of healthy home cooking."

"There is a gut doctor, and he begs Americans: “Throw out this vegetable now.” This news is accompanied by a different image nearly every time. "

"Would you worry if you knew your food contained sucrose octanoate esters or tocopherols? They might sound frightening, but don’t fret."

"On May 15, 1902, the Lower East Side’s Jewish housewives took to the streets in a meat-hurling frenzy. They were rebelling against a huge bump in the price of meat—from 12 to 18 cents a pound."

"Politicians often rally their supporters with partisan red meat, but these days Republicans are using actual red meat. "

"For roughly half a century a segment of the food industry has been trying to persuade consumers to give up beef. Will the movement finally succeed?"

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"How many monarchies remain? About 30, reigning over some 45 countries. The British monarchy, which dates to the 11th century's William the Conqueror, technically rules over 16 countries, including Canada and Australia. The current head of the..."

"I’ve been called for jury duty three or four times, but was never selected until last month, when I was put on the jury for a civil case in Superior Court in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was a long day. You’re expected to show up at 8:30 in the..."

"The marker proclaims the settlement will be known as “Trump Heights.” Netanyahu said the name was chosen to thank President Donald Trump for breaking decades of US tradition and recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel in March. Prior to..."

"Taylor Swift released the second single from her just-announced forthcoming album Lover on Thursday, and the gist of it is classic Swift: “You Need to Calm Down” tells Swift’s haters that their mission to diminish her brilliance is doomed, that..."

"Over the last decade, more Americans have turned to renting houses instead of owning them. Data from 2017 says there are more people renting than at any other point in the past 50 years—since 1965. While a majority of these people are in their 20s"

"What do a Yemeni refugee in the queue for food aid, a checkout worker in a British supermarket and a depressed university student have in common? They're all being sifted by some form of artificial intelligence..."

"“You’re not in Jazzercise, ladies,” a trim, tattooed, fitness instructor chided me and the roomful of women who were attempting to work up a sweat one morning a few months ago. I’d never done Jazzercise, but I knew what she meant. The caustic cue.."

""Many classic children’s books beg for philosophical readings: the likes of “Charlotte’s Web” or “Are You My Mother?” are well known as complex and subterranean ruminations on death and identity and community. Had you asked me a couple of years..."

"Recent efforts to legalize marijuana in New York and New Jersey have been stalled — but not killed — by disputes over how exactly to divvy up the revenues from marijuana sales and by worries about drugged driving. Those are both important issues..."

"More than a dozen kosher eateries — selling pizza, bagels, falafel and schnitzel — dot Main Street in the Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood of Queens. But a newcomer on the block is sure to turn some heads, and maybe stomachs, too..."

"Founded in 1867, the Keuffel & Esser Co. commissioned a study of the future for its 100th anniversary. If you’re of a certain vintage, you might have used a K&E slide rule. Their “visionary” study was a huge dud, missing completely the electronic.."

"The Bible is the world’s most influential book. But books, like people, can be influential because of what they say, or because of what they are thought to have said. With a book as huge as the Bible, readers need some kind of key that will..."