February 20, 2019


"My cuke avoidance is what’s known as a food aversion, and although aversions are widespread in the United States, hating a food that others love is socially coded as fussy or unsophisticated."

"A new group called Kugel brings together the ‘multicultural bubble’ of New York’s Jewish scene... The main goal of Kugel is to “bring together Jewish singles in our age group who do interesting things,” Weichselbaum explained."

"...cooking without recipes is a kitchen skill same as cutting vegetables into dice. It’s a way to improve your confidence in the kitchen and to make the act of cooking fun when sometimes it seems like a chore."

"A diet for fast weight loss is a pipe dream. Many of us want to lose weight without making permanent changes, because we view thinness instead of health as a success."

"The million-dollar question in nutrition science is this: What should we eat to live a long and healthy life? Researchers’ answers to this question have often been contradictory and confusing."

"Most kitchens are usually designed to conform to right-handed people, according Carlos Arreola, a commercial kitchen design expert with food service consulting firm Cini-Little International."

"Food writer Jake Cohen cooks with soul at his monthly Friday night gatherings... His magic lies in an ability to bridge the gap between the endless thirst for visual glamour required in the virtual food world..."

"Brenner’s newest business, Blue Stripes Cacao Shop, was conceived and designed at a time when Brenner, one of the world’s most recognizable chocolatiers, was legally prohibited from doing anything chocolate-related in any public endeavor."

"...many inmates lie and claim to be Jewish once they enter the prison system. And why do they do it? Not as a hedge against the impending arrival of the Moshiach. They do it for the kosher food."

In this New Yorker video, "bread enthusiasts discuss baking techniques and the ways that low-carb diets have villainized the starchy staple."

"We know the world is eating too much meat, and we know that we as individuals have to do something about it. So I was one of the record 250,000 people who signed up to Veganuary this year."

"Beer companies often use sex to sell their beers, but Michelob Ultra is reinventing the beer commercial by advertising something else millennials crave: health."

"People who want to get fit, lose weight, and eat more healthfully often turn to trainers and dietitians for advice. But today, they might also to turn to a Bible-inspired or faith-based wellness program."

"More and more restaurant chains as well as individuals businesses are choosing to take pork and sea food off the menu to cater to a more traditional diners. But these changes are also angering their loyal customer base, which loves bacon..."

"Unlike the recent attack on lampoon magazine Charlie Hebdo or the threats against Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, the creative text behind the Rushdie Affair was renowned as high art."

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created what may be the most bewildering, least cost-effective regulation ever... The benefit? There is none..."

"While researchers are hopeful that some types of fasts may be beneficial to people’s health, plenty of tech plutocrats have embraced extreme forms of the practice as a productivity hack."

"While researchers are hopeful that some types of fasts may be beneficial to people’s health, plenty of tech plutocrats have embraced extreme forms of the practice as a productivity hack."

"Whether it’s a five-star Google review for a new coffee shop or a one-star Yelp evaluation for a neighborhood restaurant that’s gone to hell under new management, chances are you’ve posted at least one online restaurant review..."

"Some of the world’s biggest companies, including Unilever, Nestlé, and PepsiCo, are rolling out reusable packaging for certain products in an attempt to phase out single-use plastics..."

"When Twitter’s Jack Dorsey revealed his ‘most memorable encounter’ with Facebook’s CEO, he showed Zuckerberg to be well ahead of this year’s trend for putting goat on the menu."

"A vegetarian food range called MeToo has been struggling since the hashtag went viral. The founder explains why she has finally decided to change the name."

"Four women drove to a vast desert wilderness along the southwestern border w/ Mexico. They brought water jugs and canned food — items they later said they were leaving for dehydrated migrants...The women were later charged with misdemeanor crimes."

"It is Maimonides who wrote: “Torah requires us to control our eating to preserve our health.” And, in his writing about food and health, he’s given us lots of great advice which, only now, with the advent of science, are we able to fully understand"

"Vegetable-themed snacks like cauliflower puffs and Peatos aren’t traditional potato chips, but they’re not not chips, either."

"The first science-based diet that tackles both the poor food eaten by billions of people and averts global environmental catastrophe has been devised."

"Dated was the word one friend used after going to Benno, and if you’ve eaten there, too, you’ll know why. It’s as if the past 15 years in food never happened. "

"Startups like Hungry Harvest and Imperfect Produce say they're helping to reduce food waste in America. Critics say they're deceiving their customers and making the problem worse."

""If it's American, I like it. It's all American stuff," he added, noting the smorgasbord of pizza, "300 hamburgers, many, many french fries -- all of our favorite foods.""

"The ultra-low-carb ketogenic diet – which forces the body to burn fat – flies in the face of conventional nutritional advice. It is hugely popular, but is it healthy or sustainable?"

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JJ Editor's Daily Picks

"She was a 20-yr-old college student in Alabama who had become convinced of the righteousness of the Islamic State. So she duped her parents into thinking she was going on a college trip, and instead bought a plane ticket to Turkey with her tuition."

"The composition of the Democratic field represents the diversity of the country. With so many serious frontrunners who are not, for a change, older white men, the Democrats are showing that they are a party representing the future of the country."

"The American-Israel relationship is all about the Benjamins, reflecting the shared values of “the first American,” Benjamin Franklin, and modern Zionism’s founder, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl."

"When H. Alan Scott looked up through the mikvah waters, he says he saw the shadows of his past and present lives undulating above him: Poor Mormon kid. Gay man. Comedian. Cancer survivor."

"For a decade, the oligarchs of Silicon Valley and Puget Sound worked overtime to win over progressives. For the most part, they enthusiastically back the Left on its immigration, environmental, gender, and racial agendas."

" In the last twenty-five years, Amazon has gorged on late capitalism’s values of ease and cheapness, threatening to monopolize not only the book world, but the world-world."

"I knew I was gay when I was eight years old, at least subconsciously... I didn’t know that I was a political conservative for many more years, until I came of age in an era of political correctness and resurgent socialism..."

"Why are there no good graphic novels about Jews and Israel? Like so many works in this genre, a new 350-page graphic treatment of Theodor Herzl is cartoonish in every sense of the word."

"From the outside it may look like anything goes within the confines of polyamory. But actually, most non-monogamous relationships are based on a highly personalized set of agreements."

"My cuke avoidance is what’s known as a food aversion, and although aversions are widespread in the United States, hating a food that others love is socially coded as fussy or unsophisticated."

"The US Food and Drug Administration is officially warning consumers that buying young blood infusions to improve their health is not a good idea. It is, in fact, a very bad idea because there is no clinical evidence that the infusions do anything.."

"Yes: I love Poland. How to love a people who supposedly “imbibe anti-Semitism with their mothers’ milk,” in the words of our new foreign minister, Israel Katz?"