November 16, 2018


"Are these business owners trying to keep out certain customers? What about children? Or people who are paid in cash, or others who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t open a bank account..."

"As the Bible tells us, “The truth will set you free.” If you have ever met someone (literally, anyone) from California, you know that In-N-Out is actually a cult for which the pain of defecting is death."

"On a visit with the proprietor of Russell’s Bakery and his multi-ethnic, multi-political, and multi-religious staff, the story of Israel unfolds in microcosm."

"They’ve been maligned in nutrition circles for decades, with links to obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But they’re also highly satisfying and provide many essential nutrients."

"Nutrition research is deeply biased by food companies.... The food industry has borrowed from the tobacco industry when it comes to distorting science."

"The aptly titled Disgusting Food Museum, which opened recently in the coastal city of Malmo, features 80 dishes from around the world that for one reason or another have earned the epithet of being “disgusting.”"

"A few years ago, a woman from Toronto asked me if I had heard of shritzlach, a Yiddish word for currant cakes. She told me that Mimi Sheraton had written about them in her book 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die. "

"...the life hack is an unearned advantage — you are just slightly superior to everyone else (truly, our shared lifetime goal), a little savvier, marginally more efficient. And sometimes they work, these life hacks!"

"They’re matte, dotted with brown crunchy onions and an uneven texture that comes from baking. Visually, the bialy is a failed bagel, almost as if all the air had been let out and the glossy sheen stripped away."

"Whatever the origins of the maleness of meat myth, too much evidence suggests that the connection between men and animal products is not only real, but has detrimental consequences for human and ecological health. "

"Globally, industrialized animal farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined, is the single largest producer of wastewater and is a leading cause of deforestation. "

"But could we go beyond even a plant-based diet? Could we go beyond agriculture itself? What if, instead of producing food from soil, we were to produce it from air?"

"...let’s look at the evidence: Sweetgreen is a chain where you order at a counter. Speed, efficiency, and robot-like consistency are prized values. Food is assembled from a bar of preprepared ingredients."

"Seems like pop-icon Madonna is looking to hire a private chef to cook kosher meals and travel around the world with her. And she is willing to shell out $140K per annum for their services in the kitchen. "

"Much like the word “moist” and the music of Nickelback, candy corn is a thing that’s cool to hate... But here’s the thing... the candy corn hate is a baseless charade that denigrates one of America’s oldest sweets."

"As picklemania continues to grow, Jews may be asking: Do pickles still have a Jewish identity? Did they ever? Are they solely seen as an American food these days, if anything?"

"The stereotype is that poor people eat more fast food than rich people, who virtuously eat only organic salads and cows with names. One problem with this assumption: It isn’t true."

"This kind of research is designed to produce results implying that people who eat this one food will be healthier and can forget about everything else in their diets."

"SFAH doesn’t make an argument for local or slow food per se, but that’s what we see. The dishes are simple, with few ingredients, made traditionally and with pleasure."

Developers of "Clean meat" (AKA lab-grown meat) look at Israel and see huge market potential. Why? Because "clean meat" might be a Kosher workaround for Jews who want a cheeseburger.

Fasting diets, once considered frightening and extreme, are becoming more and more mainstream. But fasting isn't for the faint of heart, and fasters should know the benefits and the risks.

"The framework of a “Cheat Day” and reification of these foods being “improper” is, frankly, rotten at its core. These foods are a “cheat” because the consequences of guiltlessly and regularly eating them—which is to say, the appearance of fatness."

“Apple Is Fixing its Bone-Dry Bagel Emoji After An Outcry From Breakfast Lovers Everywhere.”

Are avocados, almonds, melon, kiwi or butternut squash suitable for vegans? Nope!

“Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’s Samin Nosrat wants you to get off your butt and cook something.”

“Does not American cheese have merit in some way, if only as a testament to American ingenuity, and salt?”

“The Master Sommelier exam is known as the wine world’s most prestigious test. Just 274 people have passed it in the last 49 years…”

“If you think the company is aggressive in signing you up, wait till you hear customers' stories of trying to quit.”

“Everyone can agree to share fried chicken, then perhaps that’s a step toward sharing the weight of its complex legacy as well.”

It’s made from watermelon, looks like ham, and takes five days to make.

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JJ Best Of The Web

"You are being watched. Right now, cookies are tracking which websites you visit and what you click on while you’re there. Your smartphone is logging your location."

"The US placed sanctions on 17 Saudis on Thursday as punishment for their alleged involvement in the murder of Saudi journalist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi... according to experts, the move doesn’t go far enough to reprimand the kingdom."

"If the slow-motion crisis that is Gaza ever has a turning point, then this week’s deal between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, or what’s left of it, and Hamas leaders, under siege, is what the turning would look like."

"Nicholas Parisi's new biography, 'Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination,' fails to present a complete picture of the legendary screenwriter who did his best work outside the TV show that made him famous."

"Nearly a year after the tax cut, economic growth has accelerated. Wage growth has not. Companies are buying back stock and business investment is a mixed bag."

"By shifting accents, Australian expatriates are seen to be shifting class and status, indicating a sense of superiority to those who remain in Australia. The quickly acquired faux-British accent in particular has been associated with pretension..."

"Denim, usually in the form of the humble pair of jeans, is arguably the world’s most popular fabric. Over the years, it’s been worn by everyone from supermodels to soccer moms."

"Capitalism disadvantages women along several axes. The dawn of the industrial revolution enshrined a division of labor that largely confined them to the domestic sphere."

"In the past five or so years, hosting a Thanksgiving meal among friends a week before the actual holiday has become a standard part of the celebration for many young adults."

"Are these business owners trying to keep out certain customers? What about children? Or people who are paid in cash, or others who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t open a bank account..."

"Humanity is on the verge of a weighty achievement. On Friday, representatives of more than 60 nations will convene in Versailles, France, to approve a new definition for the kilogram."

"...the more modern form of the movement has its roots in late 19th-century Europe... The sole focus of some missions based in England and the U.S. was the conversion of the Jews to Christianity..."