December 13, 2018


"Umami is hard to describe in words. In the New Yorker, Hannah Goldfield defines it as “that deep, dark, meaty intensity that distinguishes seared beef, soy sauce, ripe tomato, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, and mushrooms..."

"If they can dream it, you can eat it." Check out photos of 2018's most over-the-top, bizarre, fast-food culinary creations.


"“I know some people might think it odd—unworthy even—for me to have written a cookbook,” Angelou told the Guardian in November of 2011. “But I make no apologies.”"

"The kitchen — named after the Hebrew phrase “L’Chaim,” which means, “To Life!” — features a menu of Americanized Jewish food items such as pastrami on rye, potato knish with herb sour cream..."

"Is there anything more delightful to eat than a crunchy, fresh-from-the-oil latke? ...We’re hard-pressed to think of one."

"If the world hopes to make meaningful progress on climate change, it won’t be enough for cars and factories to get cleaner. Our cows and wheat fields will have to become radically more efficient, too."

"...beyond concerns over the restaurant economy, there are other reasons companies should consider ending the practice of free food, especially when it comes to unwholesome snacks that make us fat and unhealthy. "

"There are, of course, no rules preventing you from buying yourself a chocolate-covered pineapple bouquet, but there are customs. An Edible Arrangement is like a MacArthur Fellowship; you cannot nominate yourself."

"The waste is worth it, right? It seems straightforward that no one should eat romaine when the lettuce is making people sick. But it isn’t so clear when you look at the numbers."

"Whether they’re the hand-bound sheets my mother took when we emigrated from the Soviet Union, or the synagogue sisterhood collection I still use to make latkes, cookbooks contain more than ingredients—they contain whole Jewish lives."

"People talk in hushed voices at tables. The staff make pithy jokes amongst themselves, enjoying the downtime. Fingers clack on keyboards, and glasses clink against wood and stone countertops."

"We know it’s a meal we shovel into our faces in the middle of the day, typically hunched over a laptop or, if we’re lucky, at a restaurant. It’s also a time when good sense gets left behind for expediency."

"Finally a place serving babka all the time... An Israeli chef’s new Palo Alto coffee shop is serving nothing but the Cadillac of pastries—sweet and savory babka."

"America has undergone a kosher revolution. It wasn’t all that long ago that demand for kosher food was restricted to a tiny niche of the public..."

"As a mother, I care about serving nutritious meals to my family. As a dietitian, I know better than to overpay for meaningless "GMO free" labels."

"How the Silicon Valley set fell in love with sourdough and decided to disrupt the 6,000-year-old craft of making bread, one crumbshot at a time."

"As thrilled as I am to be hosting (and therefore not to have to deal with one of the busiest travel days of the year), I’ll be honest: I’m a little stressed out. "

"Are these business owners trying to keep out certain customers? What about children? Or people who are paid in cash, or others who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t open a bank account..."

"As the Bible tells us, “The truth will set you free.” If you have ever met someone (literally, anyone) from California, you know that In-N-Out is actually a cult for which the pain of defecting is death."

"On a visit with the proprietor of Russell’s Bakery and his multi-ethnic, multi-political, and multi-religious staff, the story of Israel unfolds in microcosm."

"They’ve been maligned in nutrition circles for decades, with links to obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But they’re also highly satisfying and provide many essential nutrients."

"Nutrition research is deeply biased by food companies.... The food industry has borrowed from the tobacco industry when it comes to distorting science."

"The aptly titled Disgusting Food Museum, which opened recently in the coastal city of Malmo, features 80 dishes from around the world that for one reason or another have earned the epithet of being “disgusting.”"

"A few years ago, a woman from Toronto asked me if I had heard of shritzlach, a Yiddish word for currant cakes. She told me that Mimi Sheraton had written about them in her book 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die. "

"...the life hack is an unearned advantage — you are just slightly superior to everyone else (truly, our shared lifetime goal), a little savvier, marginally more efficient. And sometimes they work, these life hacks!"

"They’re matte, dotted with brown crunchy onions and an uneven texture that comes from baking. Visually, the bialy is a failed bagel, almost as if all the air had been let out and the glossy sheen stripped away."

"Whatever the origins of the maleness of meat myth, too much evidence suggests that the connection between men and animal products is not only real, but has detrimental consequences for human and ecological health. "

"Globally, industrialized animal farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined, is the single largest producer of wastewater and is a leading cause of deforestation. "

"But could we go beyond even a plant-based diet? Could we go beyond agriculture itself? What if, instead of producing food from soil, we were to produce it from air?"

"...let’s look at the evidence: Sweetgreen is a chain where you order at a counter. Speed, efficiency, and robot-like consistency are prized values. Food is assembled from a bar of preprepared ingredients."

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"Like many Western analyses of the Middle East, they reduce Iraq’s complex internal conflicts to catchall explainers of ‘sectarianism’ and ‘tribalism’ – presuming that some groups of people are intrinsically primed for antagonism."

" he's a loser in the precise sense that his singular accomplishment in American public life has been to lose a Senate race to the stupendously unpopular Republican Ted Cruz."

"While applauding the social impetus, Israelis are divided in opinions on an American-based initiative and question its grammatical integrity."

A look at the networks that churn out nonstop, formulaic Christmas movies; the actors who star in all of them; and the fans who can't stop watching.

"The Department of Homeland Security wants to use credit scores to determine immigration cases. That sets a dangerous precedent."

"Traffic. Congestion. Pollution. Hours-long commutes. What if you could leave it all behind and trade it in for an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient personal copter—all without a pilot’s license?"

"“But Qutb saw something else. The dancers in front of him were tragic lost souls. They believed they were free, but in reality they were trapped by their own selfish and greedy desires.”"

Cliches can be used as a political tool. "Prefabricated language helps everybody from prime ministers to CEOs disguise what they really want to say."

"Santa is nothing but stress for families who don’t believe in him. Trying to keep other kids from finding out the truth can cause a holiday-season-long headache."

"Umami is hard to describe in words. In the New Yorker, Hannah Goldfield defines it as “that deep, dark, meaty intensity that distinguishes seared beef, soy sauce, ripe tomato, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, and mushrooms..."

"The designer babies have thus been called the “future-we-should-not-want” for each new reproductive technology or intervention. But the babies never came and are nowhere close. I am not surprised."

"Thousands of secular Israelis became newly observant and joined Haredi communities in the 1970s and ’80s. Now, their children and grandchildren are searching for a place of their own."