August 22, 2019

Toilet Paper for Millennials

“Despite the fact that the oldest millennials are now approaching 40, it seems as if companies have only just begun learning how to market to them. From using models to casually co-opt protest imagery appealing to the socially conscious Youth to the chronic mis- and overuse of the slang term of the day (which is mostly a watering down of black vernacular, but that’s another story), the relationship between millennials and marketing has largely been one of misunderstanding on one side and mockery on the other. Enter: the Charmin Forever Roll. While the product technically launched back in April, it was brought to wider attention by a Wall Street Journal article examining the ways companies are adapting to the fact that more Americans are living alone than ever before.

Designed with those Americans in mind, the Forever Roll is a giant roll of toilet paper that purports to last up to one month. While that’s technically not forever, it is much longer than the average roll of toilet paper makes it and, most importantly, doesn’t require one to use up precious storage space on a 24-pack. The Forever Roll comes in a pack of three and even has its own starter kit, which includes a free-standing, brushed–stainless steel roll holder designed for its large size.

As the Cut’s Gabriella Paiella wrote, “As far as silly millennial-targeted marketing goes, this is pretty spot on—we live alone in small rentals because we can’t afford to buy real estate, we’re constantly working so we have limited time to run errands, and we LOVE using the bathroom.” Having three months of toilet paper on deck would solve a multitude of millennial ills, from errand paralysis to the phenomena of “outsourcing adulthood.” No need to Postmates toilet paper with the Forever Roll!”

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