May 21, 2019

Police Arrest L.A. Man Suspected of Grabbing Wigs Off Orthodox Jewish Women

Screenshot from YouTube.

An unidentified man was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly grabbing the wigs off of Orthodox Jewish women.

One of the victims, a 36-year-old who identified herself as Chaya, told ABC7 that the man followed her as she was walking out of a synagogue in the North Hollywood area on Yom Kippur, then tore off her wig and then threw it back to her.

The man also is suspected of tearing the wig off an 80-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman earlier that day and of doing the same to a 58-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman on Tuesday, both of which also occurred in the North Hollywood area.

In the latter case, the man reportedly gave a sarcastic apology when he tore off the wig  and then tossed it on the ground.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said in a statement that the man was likely engaging in these actions to humiliate Orthodox Jewish women.

“Orthodox Jewish women often wear wigs, scarfs or hats to cover their hair as a symbol of modesty,” the LAPD said.

LAPD Detective Martin Contreras told ABC7 that police arrested the man at his Sherman Oaks residence; police believe that there may have been more victims that haven’t been reported yet.

The man is believed to be somewhere in the 25- to 30-year-old age range.