From blowing the shofar to blow-drying hair: Davida Lampkin Tydings

September 29, 2014

As you know by now, I like to feature local entrepreneurs in my Made in L.A. blog.

This week I'd like to introduce to you Davida Lampkin Tydings, owner of Davida Aprons and Kosher Kurls.

Tydings is an L.A. native who currently lives in Encino.

Like many a nice, Jewish girl, Tydings was frustrated with the lack of hair products available to Ashkenazi curly-haired ladies–either the products were too heavy, or not strong enough to fight the frizz.

Luckily, Tydings works in the beauty industry and knew she could do something to close that particular hole in the haircare market.

“I always tell everyone that I cut my own umbilical cord, as I was born with a scissors in my hand. I have done hair and makeup since I was a child, and always loved making people happy and beautiful,” said Tydings, who besides being a stylist, is also an electrologist.

“Electrology was also a natural for me as, unfortunately, Jewish people have superfluous hair–men and women. What woman hasn't made a friend promise that if they are in the hospital and can't tweeze, that they will come and do it for them?” said Tydings.

But while she works in all aspects of aesthetics, Tydings' favorite beauty product is her line of haircare items: Kosher Kurls.

“My girlfriend had a [hair] product that was for biracial people, and I said 'I'm not black, but I'm Jewish,' and I came up with Kosher Kurls,” said Tydings. “The rest is history.”

Tydings' favorite part of being a businesswoman is  making people happy and having direct contact with her customers–although this also is her biggest entrepreneurial stumbling block.

“Sometimes it's difficult to remember that I'm running a business and [supposed to be] making money. I always say we would have been millionaires, if not billionaires if we ran Kosher Kurls like a business and not a hobby. I like to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Small or large, everyone is important.”

Tydings, whose enthusiasm for work is tangible, enjoys catering to the Jewish community, partly because Judaism is such an important part of her life.

“Judaism is a way of life and can be a lot of fun when you know how to enjoy your culture. All the holidays are favorites of mine,” said Tydings. “I always tell everyone Shabbat is the biggest holiday as it is 52 times a year! It's the perfect time to enjoy family and friends. And you don't have to be so religious to celebrate Shabbat.” 

Tydings is also very involved with her synagogue. “The High Holidays are also very special for me as I blow the Shofar at the Temple, and I am the Tekiah Gedolah,” said Tydings. “No one can blow the Shofar as long as I do! It makes me happy, and hopefully all of my relatives that are no longer here can hear me!”

Above all, Tydings is passionate about loving all aspects of life.  Her advice to everyone is simple, “Follow your passion and believe and love what you are doing!”

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