November 28, 2012


Hamas’ Lifeblood: Money

Money is flowing into the Hamas coffers from all over the Muslim world, often via charities operating in the West, writes Gary M. Osen in Tablet Magazine. 

Whatever one imagines about Jabari’s true aims, one thing’s for certain: His life’s work and his ascendancy would not have been possible without the support of a network of charities based in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Lebanon that provide financial incentives that help swell Hamas’ ranks and bolster its popular support. Jabari’s story—and the story of Hamas—is as much about money as it is about blood.


PA’s UN Bid Won’t Undermine Hamas

Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah, pushed further into the background by Hamas's attacks on Israel from Gaza, will not gain anything by turning to the UN, writes   Jonathan S. Tobin in Commentary Magazine.

Though the vote might make some mischief for Israel at the UN and at the International Criminal Court, most Palestinians understand this is about symbolism, not power. Since Abbas can’t or won’t pay the price of genuine independence — making peace with Israel — his UN gambit remains nothing more than posturing intended to help him avoid the negotiations that could actually help him get something Hamas can’t achieve. Until that changes, any effort to help Abbas via the UN won’t do a thing to undermine Hamas.


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