March 30, 2020


“As the world fights COVID-19, we must also fight terror,” the IDF tweeted.
Each do-over election over the past year was another attempt to slam our hands down on the snooze button, delaying the inevitable result: Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. Again.
An 88-year-old Holocaust survivor was Israel's first coronavirus death on March 20.
By walking away from a unity government, Israeli politicians raise the prospect for the riskiest political crisis: A march toward a fourth election that Israel cannot hold.
The students who tested positive have been hospitalized in central Israel.
Meanwhile, his Likud party, to which Netanyahu also belongs, threatened to halt coalition talks if Edelstein is replaced.
'We are committed to helping to supply as many tablets as possible as demand for this treatment accelerates at no cost.'
The man was 88 years old with underlying conditions.
He said not enough Israelis were adhering to the original regulations.
The immigrants were not informed of the postponement until the last minute and most had sold their possessions and gave up their housing.
For Netanyahu, the crisis offers an opportunity to look like a leader of a country rather than a hack running to save his own skin.
However, Netanyahu said he prefers the social distancing guidelines.
There are 109 total cases of people in Israel testing positive for the virus.
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