Friday, January 22, 2021


My Turn

Can Tikkun Olam Fight the Ills of Social Media?

Despite its promise, the digital revolution has collapsed into the three paradoxes.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and Tikkun Olam

Rav Kook was perhaps the first Jewish thinker who used the phrase “Tikkun Olam” in the way it is meant now.

An Unconventional Holiday Season

Last Passover, my mom, my sister and I sat at our kitchen table and ate thick slices of New York pizza. “We are bad Jews,”...

A Videocast Exploring Tikkun Olam

To what extent is Tikkun Olam — fixing the world — at the heart of Judaism’s purpose? This question has been part of a...

My Mother’s Warfare Against Aesthetics

My mother was a fierce, stubborn, hard-working woman. She was also a woman who cared about her appearance and deeply internalized the aesthetic pressures on women.

My Not-so-Typical Jewish Mother

My mother was not adept in the kitchen. There was always a ruckus of noise before dinnertime — a cacophony of clanking and clattering. I remember...

How Ignorant Can They Be?

When Republican impeachment lawyer Steven Castor and Republican representatives implied Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman might have dual loyalty to the Ukraine, many Jews cringed....

Our Homeless Should Not ‘Wander in the Desert’

There are profound parallels between today’s homelessness epidemic and the seven-day Jewish holiday of Sukkot and recalls the ancient Israelites’ 40 years of wandering...

Discovering My Ancestors’ Past

In 2010, a friend recounted the story of her recent journey to Europe where she met, for the first time, relatives left behind during...

Pray That We Can Change the Climate — and Soon

I have been deeply concerned about climate change since the 1980s. I have a vivid memory of sitting in the teacher’s lounge in the...

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