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More Expletive-Laden Anti-Zionist Social Media Posts Emerge from Stanford Student Who Threatened Violence Against Zionists

Stanford student Hamzeh Daoud has been under fire for a recent Facebook post threatening physical violence against Zionists. More social media posts of his...

Good Gun Policy Starts With Reality

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, good-hearted people immediately begin looking for ways to prevent the next act of evil. That’s natural, and it’s worthwhile....

Dancing With Darkness

Country music star Jason Aldean, performing at the outdoor Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on the night of Oct. 1, was just beginning a...

Trump the change agent looks positively traditional on Middle East peace

Trump administration rhetoric about Israeli-Palestinian peace is typical of a president who would make everything great: President Donald Trump is going to bring about a...

Burned in the ovens, drowned at sea, rammed by vehicles, bombed to pieces or marched to death. Where does the world want Jews –...

I walked into a concentration camp in Germany – and I walked out. A Jewish woman leaving a Nazi camp defies the odds and...

Remembering Korematsu today: A Jewish obligation

February 19, 1942. A day that will live in infamy. The call came to round up thousands of men, women, and children, citizens of...

The enduring spirit of the Sotloffs

The first time Shirley and Art Sotloff played for me the recording in which their son, my childhood friend Steven, pleaded with them to try to save him from execution by ISIS, his mother uttered words I will never forget.

Israeli soldier guilty of manslaughter in shooting Palestinian attacker

An Israeli military court convicted Sgt. Elor Azaria, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier of manslaughter after he shot dead a seriously wounded Palestinian attacker in the West Bank city of Hebron ten months ago.

A guide for the perplexed California voter: State propositions and county measures

Because of our holy books, Jews are used to navigating long, complicated legalistic texts. But nothing could have prepared us for the 224-page voter guide that arrived in the mail this election cycle, asking Californians to weigh sometimes sweeping and often obscure changes to its legal code.

My Judaism tells me to vote Trump!

I’ve been called names, some measured, others not so much. When I announced my intention to vote for Trump, many respected community leaders privately and...

Jewish Federations to debate travel to West Bank settlements

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) is considering a change to its policy that could allow its missions to Israel to visit Jewish settlements in the West Bank but not areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

On Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate

It was 1975. I was lying in my tiny basement bedroom of our tiny home in St. Louis Park, Minn., snuggled beneath the covers, snow and bitter cold outside, listening to KQRS — the only progressive rock station on the dial.

New York bombing suspect Rahami captured in New Jersey

An Afghanistan-born American sought in connection with a bombing that wounded more than two dozen people in New York City and could be linked to other bombs found in New York and New Jersey was taken into custody on Monday after a shootout, a New Jersey mayor said.

Golden moments at the Emmys

Emmy took a shine to Jewish talent Sunday evening as the prime-time television awards unfolded at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The left’s record in the last three months

Progressives think of themselves as people who are making the world better.

Making a home for lone soldiers fighting for Israel

A sign on a kitchen cabinet at the Beit Shemesh Home for Lone Soldiers explains color designations for meat, dairy and pareve dishes.

Stanley Sheinbaum, liberal activist, dies at 96

Stanley Sheinbaum, who dedicated his life to the promotion and defense of liberal causes in Los Angeles, the United States and the world, died...

Greta Friedman, Jewish refugee and subject of iconic World War II photo, dies at 92

Greta Friedman, who came to the United States as a Jewish refugee and unwittingly became the subject of an iconic World War II photo,...

Saving Adam Krief and Etz Jacob

There are moments in the life of a community when crises collide and make us all a little dizzy. Someone might die, a beloved institution may have to close its doors, a family could be left homeless if we don’t step up and help.

No news is good news: why we all need to go to the desert until this campaign is over

I just spent a happy week at a place it’s possible to detach from the news.

Gallup: Jews favor Clinton over Trump, 52-23 percent

Jewish voters favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump 52 to 23 percent, according to poll tracking by Gallup.

Gawker and lawsuits: Press freedom faces a double threat

One of the most dangerous trends in American life is the increasingly successful attack on the already weakened news media, a trend heightened by Donald Trump’s threat to sue journalists and a billionaire’s in shutting down the scandal site Gawker.

Meant2Be: Wud den? (What then?)

A five-pound bag of Peruvian seabird guano sits on my computer desk.

Donald Trump, the Jewish savior

Think back to a year ago. The Jewish wars were raging.

French court overturns burkini ban

A little over one week after at least 30 French municipalities imposed regulations that banned wearing full-body swimsuits favored by Muslim women, the country’s highest administrative court overturned the bans, calling them unconstitutional.

Moving and Shaking: ‘Urinetown’ at De Toledo High School, new consul general of Israel and more

De Toledo High School won Best Production for the musical “Urinetown” at the fifth annual Jerry Herman Awards on May 22.

Calendar: August 26 – September 1

Bring your family and friends, a picnic dinner, and come mingle with the community and all of the 16 congregations and Jewish organizations involved.

The twisted tale of ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ and the Nazis

Adam and Eve are in the news again, or at least so are two medieval paintings of the biblical progenitors of the human race, whose ownership has been contested for a century by noble families, national governments, museums and batteries of lawyers.

What turns many Jews away from Trump energizes his Jewish supporters

In August 2015, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) asked 1,030 American Jews to name their favored candidate in the following year’s presidential primaries.

California’s Senate passes bill targeting Israel boycotts

A bill targeting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) of Israel took a final step towards passage in the California legislature as the state Senate voted 34-1 to approve Assembly Bill 2844 on Aug. 24.

New Articles

N.Y. Town Votes to Keep ‘Swastika’ Name

The town argued that the history of the town's namesake isn't rooted in hate.

Univ. of Illinois Student Gov’t Passes BDS Resolution

The university denounced the resolution.

Arab Nations’ PA Funding Declined 85% in 2020, Report Says

Foreign aid to the PA as a whole has fallen 50%.

Boston’s 118-Year-Old Jewish Advocate Ceases Publication

"It is with tears in our eyes that we concluded that our decision to suspend publication is a sad but necessary response to this crisis.”

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