March 30, 2020

50 Plus

My grandmother was formidable, strong, built to last. After surviving the trauma of Auschwitz, she moved to the United States
While Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” may have said, “There’s no place like home,” the reality today is that our aging parents might not
In “As You Like It,” Shakespeare has Jaques recite a famous monologue on the ages of man: a mewling, puking infant, whining schoolboy,
Sooner or later in life, nearly everyone needs to stop working for a salary. Yet retirement is a trauma for many.
The world is getting older — not just the cosmos, but the people in it. In the West, at least, younger people are reproducing less...
Soon I will celebrate a milestone birthday and turn 60. For some reason, I seem to be obsessed with this birthday...
It is happening to me, and IF you are blessed to live long enough, it will happen to you, too. What is this blessing, you ask? Turning 50.
When Sky Bergman began filming her 99-year-old Italian grandmother, Evelyn Riciutti, in 2012, she didn’t plan to make a documentary.
Our society preaches that youth is something to be glorified. Just look at the advertisements we are flooded with.
This is a difficult time. Again we seem to be challenged by events that we didn’t plan for or expect. We have been dealt cards that...
Editor’s Note: Irving Kahn died at the age of 109. It helps that Irving Kahn is wealthy enough to have full-time attendants.
In the Jewish tradition, there is a mitzvah from the Torah to honor the elderly. Rashi writes that this mitzvah applies not only...
Paired-off couples aren’t hard to spot — you see them in airports, restaurants, museums and shops. If you are single and over 50, maybe...
There’s nothing quite like confronting your mortality with some stark truths about aging, and that was Eldercare Consulting Group...
A friend of my ex-husband’s was in town for the holidays. She was someone I’d always liked, and my husband and I didn’t...
Rabbi Avi Navah will never forget his first day on the job as a chaplain at Providence Tarzana Medical Center, when he had to comfort a woman whose...
I lived my younger years with three anchors: to live in service, in adventure and in love. My service consisted of 60-plus years participating in many...
The more plant-based foods you eat, the lower the risk of cancer seems to be,” my sister said.
Apps like these take steps to ensure that every age group can take advantage of new generations of tech advancement.
Actor Jon Voight walked into Jerry’s Deli on a recent afternoon and made a beeline for Ellie Kahn, a sprightly 68-year-old with tight, red curls.
We learned more about how to explore such issues together by bringing in the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s training program for Wise Aging.
Morton, 66, is a member of the Malibu Search & Rescue team, a group of about 30 volunteers, who are paid $1 a year for their services.
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