June 24, 2019


Andy Cohen channels his inner yenta the matchmaker when “Love Connection” returns to Fox for its second season on May 29.
Nell Scovell is one of the few women who has managed to carve out a strong writing career in the male-dominated world of television.
My writing had gotten stale. I needed a creative boost. I’d taken workshops over the years, but I always had the nagging feeling that...
For years before they met, Los Angeles-based stand-up comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher traveled alone on the road.
Family dysfunction is mined to darkly comedic effect in the West Coast Jewish Theatre production of Debra Zoe Laufer’s “The Last Schwartz,”
The comedy film “The Year of Spectacular Men” tells the story of Izzy Klein, a recent college grad who struggles to navigate the ways...
On July 18, 1989, Danna Schaeffer received the worst phone call of her life. A stranger called to tell her that her daughter,
If your summer activities include multiple trips to the multiplex, this calendar of films with Jewish themes, stars and filmmakers will...
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