“Trayf” at Geffen Playhouse Is a Play Worth Consuming

“Trayf” is an award-winning play that is kosher for those with a taste for Jewish-themed theater and anyone who has ever pondered “What makes a Jewish soul?”

The Jewish “Titan of Tehran” Whose Murder Still Haunts Iran Today

Most Americans of a certain age still remember where they were when John F. Kennedy was killed in November 1963.

New Film Captures Unique Dining Experience of “The Automat”

Is it possible to feel an emotional attachment to a restaurant you never went to?

Jews For Sale

In 1944, during the most intense final period of the murder of the Jews, there was an advertisement in major newspapers: “Jews for Sale.” There were no takers; after all, what was one going to do with these Jews and who would pay for their ransom?

Entertaining Me Weekly Over The Years

Thirty years. That’s approximately how long I’ve had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly (EW).

Israeli Yeshiva Comedy Series “The New Black” Premieres on ChaiFlicks

“The New Black,” an Israeli TV show that depicts Haredi yeshiva boys like you’ve never seen them before, is now playing on the new ChaiFlicks streaming platform.

Jewish History as Told by A Snarky Teenager Who’s 80 Years Old

Forget judging a book by its cover: one look at the facial expression on Johanna Kaplan’s author picture on the back flap of “Loss of Memory is Only Temporary” will give a reader everything they need to know about this book.

“Star-Spangled Sabra” Highlights Israeli Experiences in the U.S.

Sharon Landau has an intimate understanding of the Israeli community in the United States.

Orthodox Jews Getting a Seat at the Table in Hollywood

Allison Josephs, founder of the website Jew in the City (JITC), has established the JITC Hollywood Bureau, which she views as the natural next step in her organization’s 15-year campaign to correct myths and misconceptions about Orthodox Jews.

Shalhevet Student Danielle Finn Proudly Displays Her Judaism on “American Idol”

Danielle Finn has been singing ever since she was a little girl. She had her first singing lesson was she was 7-years-old and was...

New Memoir Details a High-Risk Pregnancy

When Aileen Weintraub was four months pregnant and taking a walk with her new husband in Manhattan, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

A British Israeli Composer Creates Music for the Queen

How does a Jewish British immigrant to Israel come to be the composer of music being played in honor of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II?

“As We See It” Shines a Light on Inclusion and Belonging

“As We See It,” the Amazon Prime series that debuted on January 21, is a vivid statement of what’s possible when you create art in an inclusive atmosphere.

Actor Harry Shearer Has a Thirst for Journalism

For the past 39 years, actor Harry Shearer has hosted a weekly news show on public radio called “Le Show.”

Danny Dalah Combats Antisemitism With Comedy

“Comedy became an outlet to deal with a lot of frustrations in my day-to-day life and to also speak out against nonsense occurring in our society."

“Paths of the Righteous” Book Shines Light on Non-Jewish Allies

With the recent attacks on American Jewry in Colleyville, Poway and Pittsburgh, as well as antisemitism happening around the globe, it seems like hate towards the Jewish community is only increasing.

Spielberg, Gyllenhaal, Garfield Among 2022 Jewish Oscar Nominees

Steven Spielberg, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Andrew Garfield were the most prominent Jews to nab Oscar nods this year.

Meet Comedian Alex Stein, a Professional Troll

A man in scrubs walks up to the microphone at a city council meeting in Dallas.

“Womb of Diamonds” Details the Life of a Syrian Woman in Japan

When Ezra Choueke was in his early 30s, he started interviewing his grandmother, Lucie Choueke, about her life.

Writer Ann Goldstein on “Always Remember Your Name”

The renowned Jewish translator of “Always Remember Your Name,” Ann Goldstein, was introduced to the sisters’ story at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Jewish Family and a Sikh Family Swap Homes in New Show

A new NBC show about families of different backgrounds switching homes, “Home Sweet Home,” may sound like reality television, but the Peacock network describes it as a “social experiment.” 

Luscious Legacies: Kosher Cookbook With a Twist

“Luscious Legacies Cookbook: L’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to Generation” is designed to inspire, as well as nourish.

Examining a Deity Made in Our Own Image

Stavrakopoulou insists on taking the authors of the Bible at their word when they depict God as possessing a human form.

Jewish Women’s Repertory Company Creates Songs from Home

When a worldwide lockdown takes you away from something you love, what do you do? Simple. You find a way to do it anyway.

Martin Kove, from Brooklyn to the Wild West and “Cobra Kai”

Don’t tell actor Martin Kove that he plays the villain in the Netflix series, “Cobra Kai.”

The New Koren Tanakh: A Pleasure to Read

The Magerman Edition of the new Koren Tanakh is a project that stretched over more than a decade, and makes the study of Tanakh easier – and more pleasurable -- than ever before. 

Musician Ariel Pink Talks About Getting Canceled

One year ago, on January 6, 2021, a picture of musicians Ariel Pink and John Maus sitting in a D.C. hotel room popped up on Instagram.

Voiceover Actor Elliot Schiff Wins Two SOVAs

On December 19, 2021, in a ceremony at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Elliot “Eli” Schiff took home two Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS) Voice Arts awards for his voiceover work. 

Gene Simmons on Boycott of Australia Festival Over Israeli Sponsorship: “Leave Young Talented People Alone”

KISS bassist Gene Simmons criticized those boycotting an upcoming Australian festival over Israeli sponsorship, arguing that “young people in the arts” shouldn’t be punished over politics.

“Dancing in a Cage” Show Highlights Strong Women Who Struggle

When Jill Moray was a child, she’d turn on the TV and watch go-go dancers. She was awestruck; when you danced in a cage, no one could bump into you, she thought. 

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