January 19, 2020

Rabbi Yonah

In order to avoid widespread climate catastrophe we must influence human behavior — hopefully with better results than Noah.
With depression rampant, and suicides increasing, we must not stand idly by, but bring those in pain into our community.
The goodness we received after fleeing from Hurricane Irma's path came simply because there were people that wanted to do something good.  
You can do Kapparot at home with your family any time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
SoulPancake, a popular YouTube channel, recently asked me to participate in a discussion with other faith leaders about the environment.
A list of charities and organizations providing relief to the Jewish community, being updated regularly. Please check list, and send us any names you have.
Antisemitism is a wake-up call that we can do more to live up to our mission.
One Los Angeles rabbi’s innovative program makes a meaningful bar and bat mitzvah affordable to all families.
New group called "Wish You Weren't Here" launches film and petition against Roger Waters for promoting racism against Jews.
A Manchester suicide bomb attack on young people leaving a concert and memories of the what Israelis endured for years flood into my mind.
Are you stuck in the Purim Party rut going to a few parties and then paying for it with a horrific hangover? There is more to Purim that meet the bottle.
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