September 20, 2019

A Healthier Shavuot: My Favorite Cheese Plate

On Shavuot we Jews eat dairy – cheese blintzes, cheese kreplach, even cheesecake. Here's my idea. You don’t need to cook in order to feed your guests. Just choose the best quality items for a simple, yet fantastic, cheese plate.

Fyi, you only need to serve one type of cheese…if it is good, no one will be less happy. They will be thrilled that you chose a great one and that they get to eat it. Trust me.


Wood chopping block to put cheeses and jam on…and crackers and olives too if you can fit. The more knotted and rustic looking the better. But even if its just a plain old wood cutting board as I often use, it will look glamorously delicious once we get it all decorated with food!

” target=”_blank”>Raw Honey*: if you can’t find fig jam or if you prefer. Raw honey will support the flavor of the cheese…regular honey will ruin it.

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*You can buy these products online ” target=”_blank”>video: Meal and a Spiel on Parmigiano Reggiano

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