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Toby Klein Greenwald

The Story of “REBECCA! Mother of Two Dynasties”

When the COVID lockdowns began, almost all the theater troupes in Israel (and most of the world) shut down, but we kept going. And now, Baruch Hashem, we can share the fruits of our labor with the rest of the world.

The New Koren Tanakh: A Pleasure to Read

The five chumashim (Books of Moses) were translated by the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. There were ten additional translators, and the translations were reviewed by eighteen scholars. 

Hope for Children with Autism

The central theme of this book is that autism is grossly over-diagnosed. Levin Fox is a psychologist and play therapist who has worked with children for more than 30 years.

Resistance and Rescue in the Soviet Union

Cohen was a happy Jewish mother and wife who was involved in her synagogue, sent her kids to Jewish camps, car-pooled, and enjoyed family barbecues and weekends in Wisconsin. But her life changed forever when she learned about the Soviet Jewish struggle.


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