Picture of Sara Shereen Bakhshian

Sara Shereen Bakhshian

Museum of Tolerance Solidarity Conference

On Tuesday, June 23, the Simon Wiesenthal Center hosted a press conference, “Americans Unite in Solidarity with People of Iran,” the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance.

Get the doctor’s attention — for a fee

Rising costs, crowded waiting rooms and decreasing access to doctors are among the reasons medical patients in Southern California and across the nation use words like \”headache\” and \”frustration\” to describe America\’s health care system. And with declining insurance reimbursements, rising malpractice premiums, claims frustrations and growing paperwork, individual practitioners are often forced to increase the volume of patients they see as they decrease time spent in the examination room.

The Persian rabbi explains it all

Haji Hayim sings and dances to a traditional song typically sung at b\’nai mitzvah ceremonies, but he does so to a techno beat. The cartoon character started grabbing the attention of the Iranian Jewish community in January 2006, when his video was distributed in e-mails as part of the official launch of Persianrabbi.com, the brainchild of 23-year-old product developer and community leader Eman Chayim Esmailzadeh.

The Jewish accent’s on France at FeujLA

With a name derived from the slang word feuj — for Jew — with L.A. tagged on, this hip crowd of young French and some Francophiles came together to catch up with friends, meet new people and listen to and perform favorite Hebrew and Jewish songs.

Eight ways how ’tis better to give back

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the one who has everything? Want to give back to the community this holiday season and into 2007? Here are eight great ways to contribute.


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