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Samuel Hyde

10/7 as Jihad

The events we’ve witnessed were not genuine expressions of solidarity with Palestinians; rather, they were celebrations of the demise of Jews, articulated with no apology. This is context.

Settlements and Security: An Illusion?

Contrary to popular belief, most of Israel’s security forces in the West Bank are not engaged in fighting terrorism but rather in guarding settlements.

Dispelling the Myths of the Settlements

Without the state’s massive ongoing support in all areas—financial support, military protection, legal shields and civilian services—the settlements in the West Bank are not only reversible, but also unsustainable. 

The State of Israel’s Democracy

By examining global trends, Israeli society, Jewish-Arab relations and the electoral system, it has become easy to identify three key factors that led to the current circumstances: years of political gridlock and the rise of Israel’s most right-wing government.

The Jewish Origins of Israeli Democracy

The Israeli democratic system is resilient, but not because of democracy, or liberalism, or tolerance or religious meaning; it’s because all those principles are ingrained in the Jewish people, and in their political and social behavior.


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