Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Robert J. Avrech


A Screenwriter Remembers Kirk Douglas

At the beginning of his legendary career, Kirk Douglas, born Issur Danielovitch, was almost typecast as a well-meaning but ineffectual husband, in “The Strange Love...

Guide to Torah fleshes out flat characters in stories

Etshalom\'s book cannot replace a study partner; no single book can do that. I\'m sure that Etshalom would agree with me on this point, but his book is not meant to do that. Etshalom\'s book is meant as a sort of introductory field guide to Torah.

Medieval Me

What books must every Jew read? What books are critical to informing your understanding of your faith, your culture, your people? With this issue, The Jewish Journal introduces a new weekly column: My Jewish Library.

A Father, a Son, a Tzadik

They told us that we would move through various stages of grief, but they were wrong.

‘My Journey with the Devil’

In 1988, Jane Yolen\'s young-adult novel, \"The Devil\'s Arithmetic,\" was published to rave reviews and international acclaim.

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