Picture of Rabbi Mark Diamond

Rabbi Mark Diamond

Israel’s most valuable Muslim ally

Jews worldwide will soon mark the onset of a Jewish New Year with the specter of rising anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East.

‘The Orphans’ Club’

“Welcome to the orphans’ club.” Many well-intentioned people have said this to me in the last two weeks. On one level, they’re spot on, since my father died fifteen months ago and my mother died earlier this month. I am an orphan, a reluctant inductee into one of the oldest and largest clubs in the world.

“The Narrow Straits of Our Lives”

“How different this night is from all other nights!” The familiar singsong of Mah Nishtanah reverberates in Jewish homes throughout the world on Passover eve. What Seder would be complete without the beloved Four Questions chanted by the young and the young-at-heart? These questions are the literary device that introduces the maggid, the embellished Exodus narrative that is the essence of the Pesah celebration. Put another way, the Passover Seder is the quintessential Jewish storytelling experience.


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