Monday, October 26, 2020


Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff


The Significance of Aesthetics in Judaism: Sukkot, 5781

May this Sukkot be a time of joy for all of us, and may the sheer beauty of this holiday enable us to feel that joy.

Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, Reminds Us Not to Take Jewish Freedom for Granted

I was only five years old when the State of Israel was established in 1948. I was too young to recall any memories of that...

Tradition, Tikkun Olam Are Not an Either/Or

As a Conservative Jew, I suppose it was not surprising that I found myself agreeing in part with both Gil Troy in his July...

It’s time to invite newcomers into our ‘big Jewish tent’

Certainly, this story of Abraham and Sarah\'s tent -- as described in Genesis 18 and explicated in the midrash -- is particularly timely, as we begin the yearly cycle of Torah readings. Even more so, the story of Abraham and Sarah is directly relevant to what the Jewish community has become and where it wants to be.

Challenge Your Child

So even if my rabbi\'s bar mitzvah talk engendered embarrassment and guilt in me, I now want to thank him for challenging me in the way he did that day.

Opinions Conflict on Ending Life Support

The Florida case of a woman on life support for 13 years has put issues of how we die and when and how doctors and others should intervene on the front page. Whatever the courts say about that case, however, will only apply to federal and Florida law. What would Jewish law say about such a case? That question is important because the issues raised in that case confront Jews often as they care for their parents, spouse and other loved ones and as they contemplate their own dying process. The basic Jewish principle about these matters is clear: We are, on the one hand, not allowed to hasten the dying process, but on the other, we are not supposed to prolong it either.

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Anti-Semitism in the United States: New Facts About (Mostly) Feelings

Last week, the American Jewish Committee released only half of its annual survey of American Jewish opinion. It was mostly about American politics, Trump...

Israeli Cabinet Ratifies UAE Deal, Submits Bahrain Agreement to Knesset

JNS — The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday ratified the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates and also approved the submission of the peace...

Israel’s Elbit Systems Supplies Advanced Night Vision Tech to US Army

With its high-tech developments in operation around the world, including in use by 15 NATO members, Elbit’s newest systems provide automatic visual warnings about tall obstacles, and combines outer and inner data into a single seamless image seen by the pilots.

U.S. and Bahrain Agree to MOU Saying Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

On October 23, the United States and Bahrain signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that included a statement about anti-Zionism being anti-Semitism. The MOU stated...

Israeli Arabs Remain Divided Over Normalization Deals with Gulf States

JNS — The Joint Arab List was alone in voting against the normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates in the Knesset, upsetting many...