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Dr. Noam L. Weissman is the Senior Vice President of OpenDor Media, which seeks to explore Israel and the Jewish story in all its complexity.

What Educators Can Learn from Gen Z

In the middle of a meeting with my colleague, the talented Adam Teitelbaum, he paused and looked at me on Zoom, and said, “I just miss being a kid.” 

LaKeith Stanfield, Clubhouse and the Evolution of Inter-Communal Dialogue

The internet, modern media, and social media have completely rewritten the rules on private and public dialogue.

Adam Grant and The Case for Nuance in Jewish Education

Beit Hillel understood that “the purpose of learning isn’t to affirm our beliefs; it’s to evolve our beliefs.”

The Simple Mindset Change That Would Transform the Israel-Diaspora Relationship

American and Israeli Jews have a sharp difference of opinion about President Trump, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and what it means to be Jewish....

Creating Resilience in the Age of COVID-19

“What is the secret sauce that holds a family together?” “What are the ingredients that make some families effective, resilient and happy?” In the...

Making November Israel History Month

One of the more interesting and telling social experiments is to ask someone the very simple question, “Who are you?” Have the person fill...

Choosing Life: The Jewish Secret to Survival

My mother, a clinical social worker in the Baltimore public school system, swears by the book “The Choice” by Edith Eva Eger. Eger survived...

Airbnb’s Decision Is a Teachable Moment

When Airbnb announced its decision to remove listings in Israeli settlements, supporters of Israel immediately expressed deep concern. While we can disagree about the specific...

Living in the Joy of Sukkot

One of my closest friends from childhood, who is of Russian descent, was recently at my 3-year-old daughter’s birthday party here in Los Angeles....

What Can We Learn From the Altalena?

The Altalena affair has gone down in the annals of Jewish history as the moment a civil war was averted. A mere five weeks after...

We Should Sacrifice, Not Just Celebrate

Yizkor stickers. Standing at attention. The blaring of a siren. Reading the names of fallen soldiers. For many schools, these are the time-honored hallmarks of...