Monica Osborne

Monica Osborne

The Magic of Jewish LA

Maybe we don’t always realize it, but perhaps simply being visibly Jewish out in the world is itself a mitzvah.

Escaping LA, Almost

People always ask me why we left the U.S., and the truth is that it wasn’t one thing.

Why Jews Laugh

In such a serious moment in which everything is politicized and partisan, and in which so many of us have become self-righteous about our politics and ideologies, maybe we have an even greater responsibility to laugh.

Sukkot: The Holiday of Doubt

This time of year, I long for the temporary and deconstruct-able. I long for the space to doubt so that I have the space to appreciate the unknown and improvisational.

What Family Can Teach Us About Friendship

Life in our home could rarely be characterized as anything short of either a raucous party or a full-blown war. There wasn’t a lot of in between. The differences in personalities alone are enough to ensure that intensity is always the dominant mode when it comes to large families living under one roof.

Why I’m a Mad Mother

I happen to be one of the “mad moms” who hate to see what the culture war over race and racism is doing to the education of our children.


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