Picture of Monica Osborne

Monica Osborne

The Shameful Behavior of Academic Women’s Associations

The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) made two statements about the war in Gaza, neither of which mentioned the targeted attacks on women by Hamas despite indisputable evidence of sexual abuse and torture. The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition responded with an open letter.

There Are Wolves in My House

There are wolves in our houses: people we considered close friends and allies, many we have known intimately for years, who have materialized into antisemites seemingly overnight.

Aren’t We All Wandering Jews?

The 40-year stint in the desert may be little more than a flickering, fading image in our collective rear view mirror at this point, but we haven’t forgotten how to wander.

Wokeism and the Jews: A Reckoning

Jewish communities, despite their history of prioritizing questions above answers, are not immune to this new climate that discourages diversity of viewpoint and the questioning of certain ideologies.


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