February 24, 2020

Monica Osborne

It goes without saying that in every profession there is a hierarchy — a system where those in authority wield varying degrees of power
Near the beginning of Nicole Krauss’ novel “Forest Dark,” she presents readers with a startling image. A man hurdles off the side of...
When considering the “Free Soviet Jewry” movement that peaked in the 1980s, it’s easy to focus on the romantic notion of liberation.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, it has been said. My entire life is by all counts a visible rejection of this dictum,
Jews always say that words create worlds. I thought of this as I listened to Jewish-Guatemalan writer Eduardo Halfon speak at the Jewish American...
I’ve never been much for crowds. I remember once at a music festival pushing through a mass of people waiting to see Thom Yorke.
Waking up to the news of the Las Vegas shooting, I saw headlines touting “the five things to know about the shooter.” As if that was all there was to know.