Michael J. Koplow

Michael J. Koplow

Michael Koplow is Israel Policy Forum's policy director, based in Washington, DC.

Things to Watch in 2021

As this strange and dreadful year comes to a close, there is a heavy dose of uncertainty in the air that goes beyond the intersection of mutating COVID-19 strains and vaccine skepticism.

Time to Stop Talking About Talks

Whenever a new president takes office, speculation abounds about how long it will take for the incoming administration to dive into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and try to solve it.

Gideon Sa’ar Reshuffles Israel’s Political Deck

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s longtime Likud bête noir Gideon Sa’ar announced that he is breaking away from his political home and forming a new party to challenge Netanyahu’s continued rule.

What Is Israel Up To With Iran?

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, widely viewed as Iran’s most important nuclear scientist, was killed last Friday in an attack that has been attributed to Israel.

Some Political Science Wisdom For What Comes Next

None of us knows for sure yet what our federal government will look like come January, but here’s to hoping that whatever it looks like, we remember that there are forces out there that are bigger than politics, and that we are able to transcend the politics that we have.

A Glimpse Into a Second Trump Term

While we have a demonstrative four year record on Israel, the Palestinians, and the wider Middle East that will not shift course, there are a few elements of a second Trump term that will be different than the first, with the groundwork now beginning to be laid.

The Short-Sighted Palestinian Turn Toward Turkey

Turkey’s reasons for wanting to become a player in Palestinian politics have little to do with the Palestinians themselves. Erdogan has always seen his road to becoming a more prominent global Muslim leader as running through Jerusalem, and he has for years positioned himself as the true defender of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa against alleged Israeli aggression.

Israel’s Eleventh Hour Mad Dash

Netanyahu, Gantz, and many others in the Israeli government have enjoyed the benefits of an American president and his advisers who have given them carte blanche in the West Bank. If you want one of the best signals that they believe this unprecedented period is about to end, watch the supermarket sweep currently unfolding.


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