Michael J. Koplow

Michael J. Koplow

Michael Koplow is Israel Policy Forum's policy director, based in Washington, DC.

Three Dilemmas For Israeli Politicians

There are three dilemmas hanging over this process, and how different actors answer those dilemmas will go a long way toward determining whether a government can be formed and who might form it.

There Are No Israeli Political Blocs

There are no black boundary lines in Israeli politics in the current era, only a muddled haze where any combination is theoretically conceivable.

Is Israel A Jewish State, or The Jewish State?

The latest crisis between Israel and American Jews was kicked off last week when Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that people who convert to Judaism in Israel through the Conservative and Reform movements are considered Jewish for the purposes of the Law of Return and are therefore considered Israeli citizens.

Biden to Bibi: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

The phone call that finally happened on Wednesday between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu had taken on colossal proportions for something whose existence was primarily defined by its absence.

Israeli Mergers and Acquisitions

With the midnight Thursday deadline for Israeli political parties to submit their final Knesset lists in preparation for the March 23 election, the usual eleventh-hour freneticism is in full swing.

Resetting the Board

The Trump era is officially over and the Biden presidency has begun, and with it will come a raft of different policies.


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