Rabbi Lori Shapiro

Rabbi Lori Shapiro

Cover Story: We Can’t Zoom Sukkot

Through years of reclaiming my own Jewish identity, more than any other ritual, the sukkah has become the highest point of Jewish symbols and rituals in my life. 

Purim UnMasked

As each of us discerns exactly when and where we will UnMask, an urgent question arises alongside the Purim reading of the Megillat Esther: How does the Great UnMasking transform into the Great Jewish Reveal? 

How Open Temple Remained Open

As the founder and leader of Open Temple, I made a decision from which, since the start of the pandemic, we have not backed down: we will remain Open. 

Colin Powell and His Yiddish Heart

As the eulogies and features of his life played endlessly this week, there is one story that rises above all others in its simple wisdom, like a chassidic proverb.

What Kol Nidre Was Like in a Cemetery

Under a rising half-moon, 120 souls sat on tapestries laid out for them in between headstones, the marble stones and the names etched into them a visible reminder of where all of this ostensibly leads.

This Rosh Hashanah, Let Us Renew Our Breath

With its assault on life’s breath, COVID bears elements of a spiritual, as well as physical, ailment. We have lost touch with our communities, our families and most essentially, our breath.

Can Mussar Help Us Repair the World?

It’s not easy to look at our personal shortcomings. It is much more satisfying to take to the streets and demand others change before changing ourselves.


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