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What Kol Nidre Was Like in a Cemetery

Under a rising half-moon, 120 souls sat on tapestries laid out for them in between headstones, the marble stones and the names etched into them a visible reminder of where all of this ostensibly leads.

Why We Will Do Kol Nidre in a Cemetery this Year

At sundown on Wednesday, I’m envisioning a whole group of us gathering in a solemn garden of eternity.

This Rosh Hashanah, Let Us Renew Our Breath

As we enter a new year, the third calendar year in the Jewish calendar of the pandemic, I am haunted by the spiritual implications of COVID’s impact on our lives.

The Sukkot in Our Midst

The sukkahs in our midst are a visible reminder of the formerly invisible homeless.

Can Mussar Help Us Repair the World?

It’s not easy to look at our personal shortcomings. It is much more satisfying to take to the streets and demand others change before changing ourselves.

A Prayer for America on May 30, 2020

May Our Tears Remind us of Our Collective Humanity; May Our Call for Justice be Reflected through Our Actions May We Pray not only Through our Feet but Through Our Hearts; May We See...

Redeeming Judgment: Disagree With Me

We're living through emotional times. Many of us are wound so tightly by the state of the world, we’ve developed a tendency to be reckless...

An Encounter Meant to Happen

There is something about New York City that drives me closer to my personal “d’mimah dakah” (still, small voice). That voice inside of me...

Life After Hate

It wasn’t a coincidence that our live band played the song “Sympathy for the Devil” as congregants entered Yom Kippur services. There was a...

Awed by Days of Awe? Keep the Holiness Going

At Open Temple’s break-the-fast meal in Venice, a young man introduced himself.   “I’m not Jewish, but I’ve been on a six-day fast and I...

Awash in Self-Obsession

There’s a new mode of transportation in Venice, Calif. It’s called a Bird Scooter. For anyone who has a 3-year-old, these are motorized, adult...

Response to Dennis Prager

When earlier last month Mr. Prager assailed against non-orthodox Judaism as not going deep enough with Torah, I championed his cause.

A Nunciation

Today is Annunciation, the day on the Christian calendar that marks the announcement by the angel Gabriel that Mary would conceive and become the...

Soul Cycle

White on White, the Soul Cycle storefront is the Apple Store of Fitness. It glows from within like the “Athletes” emerging from their classes....

Traif Shabbat

I chose a Seventh Day Adventist church for several reasons: 1 – They meet on Shabbat.  Like Jewish Shabbat.  Like they are Christians who follow...


Rabbi Lori Schneide Shapiro: Founder of The Open Temple centered in Venice, CA (www.opentemple.org), Lori's rabbinate is dedicated to reaching unaffiliated and intermarried families...

A Year of Living UnJewishly

In the beginning, meaning starting today, I will spend a year living unJewishly.  I will check off the spiritual but not religious box, will...