October 15, 2019

Leslee Komaiko

150 congregants attended the annual Hanukkah event at the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center in Tarzana, about half of them kids.
Growing up in Cleveland, Justine Siegal dreamed of being a professional baseball player with the Cleveland Indians.
Nearly 300 people turned out on the morning of Oct. 28 to listen to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom speak at Valley Beth
Vaping, Juuling, BHO, CDB, 710, e-juice. If those terms and abbreviations sound unfamiliar, there’s a good reason.
Most teenagers have a musical hero...But few get to meet their hero. However, San Fernando Valley resident Adam Chester gets to be his hero.
The prevailing wisdom is that junior year of high school is the toughest. However, Ross Mankuta, director of college counseling and academic
Two years ago, when Ira and Helen Laufer were in their 80s and had moved back to the Los Angeles area after living 20 years in Rancho
After years of working in advertising, Michele Prince decided to go back to school to pursue a joint master’s degree in social work.
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