Kathleen Hayes

Kathleen Hayes

Lies My Comrades Told Me

My ex-comrades must be gratified that their anti-Zionist vitriol, a niche passion of the far left when I was young, are de rigueur for today’s “progressives.”

Debut Novel Shines a Lyrical Light

“The Light of Seven Days” is a compulsively readable, lyrical first novel by River Adams, a former concert pianist from the former Soviet Union.

Why They Don’t Condemn Hamas

The failure to condemn Hamas stretches from universities and unions to the United Nations, which has denounced Israel many times since October 7 but the Palestinian terrorist group, zero.

The Man Who Fought Cynicism

Yaroslavsky has provided an engrossing account of a tumultuous era and the often-subterranean battles that have shaped the city of Los Angeles. He may even give the reader a new appreciation for the work of a politician.


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