Sunday, September 27, 2020


Julie Gruenbaum-Fax


Rosh Hashanah Without Shul: 1939 and 2020

I know that my traumatized but fortified DNA can get through this, and much worse.

Philanthropist Anne Bernstein, 105

Anne Bernstein, matriarch of one of the founding families of the Los Angeles Orthodox community, died on June 17. She was 105.

Bible Scholar, Historian Leila Bronner, 89

Leila Leah Bronner, a Jewish history and Bible scholar died in Los Angeles on July 2. She was 89. Bronner was a community leader and...

In L.A., Reb Mimi found herself, her soul family and a way home

In July of 2001, Reb Mimi Feigelson boarded a plane at Ben Gurion Airport bound for Los Angeles, where a full-time job at a...

Gender Variations in Jewish Law

Rabbis of the Mishnah and Gemara, the Jewish oral law that developed from the second to the sixth century C.E., certainly knew nothing of...

COVER STORY: Joshua Gershick

Some years ago, Zsa Zsa Gershick and her wife, Elissa Barrett, went to visit Barrett’s grandparents at their retirement community in Texas. “This is my...

Alan W.

Alan W. is sitting at a table in Starbucks, looking uncomfortable. His shoulders hunch up a bit in his suit and open-collared shirt, and...

Couple Enjoys the Best of Both Worlds

Mike Dennis was a married man for 40 years. He and his wife divorced in 2007, after he decided to stop hiding the fact...

Transgender Jews: Beyond the Rainbow

More and more, transgender Jews are introducing themselves to the Jewish world Deborah attends services at Temple Aliyah nearly every week, but on a Friday...

A Linguist’s Take on the Knaidel / Kneydl Controversy

As a linguist who studies Yiddish-influenced English, I’ve had a busy week. As soon as Arvind Mahankali won the Scripps National Spelling Bee with...

Jay Sanderson pushes for change but some lose heart in the face of his leadership style

“I want everyone to be a LeBron James.” It’s early January, and Jay Sanderson is talking in his corner office on the 11th floor of...

One survivor’s harsh realization that she was a victim of domestic violence

It was worst on her birthdays. Most of the time, Olga (her name and other identifying details have been changed for her protection) could...

Israeli woman’s domestic violence prevention curriculum has far reach

Richard is 18, has four kids under the age of 3 and is doing time at Camp David Gonzales in Malibu for probation violations...

Jewish Community Library May Merge, Move

Linda Sanders needed some old Yiddish music to cheer up a 98-year-old woman she visited regularly, and she knew just where to find the obscure recordings — at the Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles, in The Jewish Federation building on Wilshire Boulevard.

LimmudLA gears up for second conference

LimmudLA is hoping that about 800 Southern Californians will sign up to attend the second annual weekendlong event, scheduled to take place Feb. 13-16 at the Costa Mesa Hilton

Scholarships help keep middle-income kids in Jewish schools

Amid the cascade of bad economic news of the past few months, five Jewish high schools in Los Angeles received some good news last week.

The many miracles of the family menorah

From painted-clay preschool classics to sterling silver family heirlooms, the eight bright lights of the chanukiyah have a unique and artful way of revealing our values, holding our histories and telling our stories.

Q&A with Howard Blume: What’s next for LAUSD with Brewer gone?

\" , , , Forces that have been impatient with the pace of reform feel that they have won a victory, because they were never entirely sold on Superintendent Brewer, although he vigorously defends his record . . .\"

Rabbi Funnye battles to open the gates of Judaism [VIDEO]

Funnye, 56, has dedicated his life to chiseling away at the conventional, but increasingly inaccurate, conception of who is a Jew.

Angeleno pushes effort on recognizing conversions

When Lorin Fife converted to Judaism some 30 years ago, his experience with the Orthodox rabbis who presided over his year of study and conversion ceremony was one of warmth and acceptance.

Rabbi Funnye reaps nachas over his cousin-in-law Barack

Capers Funnye has a lot in common with his cousin-in-law, Barack Obama: They have both shattered longstanding barriers and are both committed to reaching across traditional divides.

Diller Awards recognize teens’ extraordinary efforts in tikkun olam

The Diller Tikkun Olam Award is presented annually to five 13- to 19-year-old Californians who have exhibited passion and leadership in tikkun olam, improving the world.

Post-election healing — kumbaya in class and at the beach

Now that the election is over and campaign exaggerations can give way to reality, in schools, and everywhere else, people are making efforts to put things back into perspective. While a lot of healing may still be needed before that sort of unity can move beyond a Saturday night at the beach, one uniting factor all agree on is that this election brought a new level of political awareness and passion across party lines and across ages.

L.A. Orthodox rabbis want business ethics to be kosher, too

Seeking to accentuate Jewish traditions that place a premium on ethical integrity, Los Angeles Orthodox rabbis are encouraging local businesses to sign up for a new seal of certification that ensures employers are treating workers fairly and humanely

Congregations help the homeless into homes — one family at a time

Imagine LA coordinators work with facility case managers and faith partners to determine the family\'s needs and set up a plan for independent living.

Transcendence: Jacob Artson’s eloquence and spirit defy his severe autism diagnosis

\"You hear so much from autism organizations about what a horrible disease this is and how the parents have been robbed of their children, yada, yada, yada, and I suppose on a certain level that is true,\" Jacob told me, typing the words on a special keyboard that allows him to fully express his ideas. \"But I refuse to live the rest of my life believing I am a defective human being. I have gifts and talents and challenges just like everyone else, and I have the same desire for connection and a need to be treated with dignity and respect.\"

Public money for Jewish schools: Free not-quite-but-sort-of Jewish education

Are Hebrew-language charter schools the answer to the tuition crisis, or a threat to both Jewish education and American values?

Parents cash in on kids’ Birthright

Jenny Meyer was feeling guilty, and she was willing to use that guilt to get what she wanted -- a free trip to Israel for her parents

Extending the Birthright privilege

Birthright\'s success in awakening a connection to Jewish heritage and Israel is unprecedented in American Jewish life. The number of alumni continues to multiply and their enthusiasm is infusing new energy into American Jewry

Same-sex marriage and the fabric of society: What does it all mean?

For some, it is a spiritual moment of human dignity finally resting upon everyone. For others, it is a sign that society is being sucked into an eddy of moral dissolution.

Latest news

AOC Withdraws From Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Event Following Pro-Palestinian Criticism

The event will be held in October by Americans for Peace Now.

Report Highlights Anti-Semitism in Qatari Textbooks

One textbook called Zionism "a radical racist political movement."

Friend of Anne Frank Lays First Stone of Amsterdam’s Newest Holocaust Monument

"I’m satisfied that it’s finally happening," she said.

Abbas Criticizes Peace Deals, Calls for U.N. to Resolve Israel-Palestinian Conflict

“The only way to a comprehensive and just peace is the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.”