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A Divine Partnership Between Heaven and Earth

I had been dreading this week for quite a while, not just because the Jewish holiday season has ended nor because the weather has turned much colder.

Curiosity Can Change Our Communal Discourse

My mother challenged us to expand our horizons and to always consider and value other perspectives, experiences, or thoughts. This practice, unfortunately, appears to be lacking in much of our society today.

Jewish Summer Camps Are Stepping Up For Kids, Even During A Pandemic

Many of us have now entered our seventh week of social distancing. On one hand, these challenging days of quarantine and isolation have added...

Ha’od Avi Chai? Is My Father Still Alive?

Forty-six years ago, my parents took our family to Israel for my bar mitzvah. I often reflect on the amazing legacy gift they gave...

Creating a Culture of Care at Camp

Within the past few years, our society has been undergoing a long-overdue shift in the ways we discuss and address mental, emotional and social...

How Learning From the Rosebush Impacted Summer Camp Appreciation

This week, the Jewish calendar presents us with a powerful emotional contrast from which I hope we can all find deep meaning and renewed...

Camp Counselors, Educators Provide Light Amid Darkness

I was honored to represent the Foundation for Jewish Camp at the recent United Nations General Assembly special plenary session titled “Combating Anti-Semitism and...

Dispelling the Myth About Jews and Poverty

Every year, I look forward to attending the Jewish Funders Network (JFN) International Conference and being inspired by the breadth and depth of philanthropic...

For Jewish Camps, There’s Wisdom in Being Special

Long a cornerstone of the American Jewish experience, Jewish summer camp provides kids an unbreakable link to their past and a head start into...