March 30, 2020

Edmon J. Rodman

You are not sure why you don’t want to be late for Kol Nidre. Somewhere in your head the majestic music and solemn words are calling.
As this Rosh Hashanah neared, I wondered if even a shofar blast could clear away the Charlottesville chant of “Jews won’t replace us.”
In early 2017, when Beth Kean, executive director of the LAMOTH in Pan Pacific Park, was booking a new exhibition, 'Filming the Camps'.
Rather than just a silent fade to black, the coming solar eclipse can be seen as a cosmic call, reminding us that the High Holy Days are coming.
With a whistle on their lips and a bit of sunshine in their pockets, members of the Israeli band Lola Marsh will be coming to Los Angeles.
In the years before Obamacare, health insurance and even penicillin, there was a health care provider of a more personal and community-based kind.
Risking life and his U.S. citizenship, a Jewish pilot from Los Angeles took to the skies in 1948 to help Israel win its war for independence.
“David Zasloff: A Musical Comedy” will parry the eternal question “Am I good enough?” and hope to emerge victorious.